Articles of Smart Contracts

Perspective | How to prevent censorship attacks on smart contracts?

In the design of smart contract systems, a common pattern is to require the client to take certain actions before a certain time node; if the client does not respond beyond this time point (for example, a block height), the smart contract Some alternative actions are taken, and are generally detrimental to clients who are […]

Smart Contract Entry Series | Important Links in Smart Contract Engineering: Formal Verification Methods

Distributed Laboratory of Beihang University, Yunnan Institute of Innovation, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Formal Verification is an important part of smart contract engineering. It can become a technology for deterministic verification of contracts. Formal language can be used to convert concepts, judgments, and inferences in contracts into smart contract models, which can be […]

Smart Contract Entry Series | An important part of smart contract engineering: formal verification method

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Distributed Laboratory Beijing Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Yunnan Innovation Institute Zhou Chuhan Hu Kai Formal Verification is an important part of smart contract engineering. It can be a technique for deterministic verification of contracts. By formalizing language, the concept, judgment and reasoning in contracts can be transformed into […]

Smart Contract Series | Smart Contract Engineering Brief: Smart Contract Engineering

Author:   Hu Kai Editor's Note: The original title is "Smart Contract Series 2: Smart Contract Engineering SCE: Smart Contract Engineering" Contracts are one of the cornerstones of economic and social operations. The contract determines the time, duration, location and content of the multi-party transaction, so that the parties involved in the contract can execute […]

Dry goods | Financial contracts and smart contracts

Author: Shao-ping Source: Ethereum fans How to introduce the use of Ethereum and smart contracts in financial contracts to those who have not yet touched the concept of Bitcoin? Here is an attempt. First introduce the blockchain, explain why it deserves people's trust, then introduce the smart contract, then introduce the Ethereum system, and finally […]

Yunxiang received tens of millions of A+ rounds of financing to promote the commercialization of blockchain technology

Babbitt was informed that recently, blockchain infrastructure service provider Hangzhou Yunxiang Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yunxiang) announced the completion of tens of millions of A+ rounds of financing, the investor is Zhejiang Yongsheng Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yongzheng) ). After this round of financing, Yunxiang will accelerate […]

Babbitt Column | On the Similarities and Differences of Traditional Contracts, Electronic Contracts and Smart Contracts

Abstract: The three forms of contracts are products of different productivity conditions and will coexist for a long time. Keywords: contractual agreement, intelligence, similarity, source, source, transaction cost One of the signs of the continuous development of human civilization is the gradual contractualization of the relationship between people and people. The contract establishes the whole […]

Blockchain Industry Weekly: Total market capitalization fell 2.11% from last week, 70% of the top 100 projects fell to varying degrees

The report produced by the Institute of Fire currency block chain, reports Published August 25, 2019, Author: Yuan Yuming, Rui   Summary The total market capitalization of blockchain assets this week fell by 2.11% from last week, and the market value of 70 projects in the TOP100 project fell to varying degrees. According to coinmarketcap […]

Google zooms in and builds a hybrid cloud blockchain application using ChainLink Oracle

On Thursday, tech giant Google Cloud developer said in a blog post that Ethereum application builders using Google software will integrate data from external sources in the blockchain using ChainLink's Oracle Smart Contract. This makes it possible to predict the use of many blockchains such as markets, futures contracts, and transaction privacy. Allen Day, a […]