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If the era of quantum computing comes, is our bitcoin safe?

Written by: Li Yu, founder of Ambi Lab, Guo Yu Correction: Guo Yu Source: Chain smell Every time there is news of quantum computing, people have to worry about bitcoin once. The reason is simple. Bitcoin is based on cryptography, and cryptography is based on some kind of computational impossibility. If quantum computing makes calculations […]

Xiao Lei: Blockchain is "nuclear energy", bitcoin is "atomic bomb", who is the opponent?

Author: Xiao Lei Source: Xiao Lei sees the city The origin of the word "blockchain" is the "chain of blocks" in the original English version of the Bitcoin white paper. When the Chinese market translates this sentence, the word "blockchain" is used directly, and then the word is written directly. The "blockchain" has become the […]

Bitcoin cash is being questioned, unknown miners control over 50% of computing power for 24 hours

According to Cointelegraph, on October 26, an unknown bitcoin cash miner controlled more than 50% of the token's hash rate (used to calculate the computing power of the blockchain network) for up to 24 hours. The miner seems to have drilled 73 blocks from 10 am on October 24 to 10 am on October 25. […]

Speed ​​Reading | Twitter founder Zuckerberg teach how to properly enter the money circle; the fat of the agreement: Reflections from a cost value

Author: True Satoshi Editor's Note: The original title is "Shenzhen Congjiji | Twitter founder teaches Zuckerberg how to enter the coin circle correctly" Today's content includes: 1. The founder of Twitter teaches Zuckerberg how to enter the currency correctly. 2, the protocol of fat: Reflections from a cost value 3. Connect Binance data to the […]