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QKL123 Research Report | ahr999 Indicator-Choosing Opportunities in Long-Term Trends

Since the birth of the Bitcoin genesis block in January 2009, miners have accumulated more than 18 million BTC, and the BTC market has gone through several bulls and bears, but they are still some investors (especially geeks and early coin hoarders). Bring a huge amount of wealth. With the passage of time, with the […]

How to seize the breakthrough of the blockchain overpass? Experts and experienced practitioners give answers

On November 29th, the “Chain • Change” offline boutique forum co-organized by the Shanghai Caohejing Emerging Technology Development Zone Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center was successfully held by PANews & PANONY. The theme of the conference was “Breakthrough in changing lanes and overtaking in the new era of blockchain”, and invited several industry experts from […]

New York regulator NYDFS issues SoL's virtual currency trading license BitLicense, giving consumers more options

The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) revealed in a statement on December 3 that California-based financial company SoFi has obtained a BitLicense license from the regulator. Image source: Pixabay Since BitLicense was officially launched in 2015, 24 crypto-related companies have obtained this license, and SoFi is now one of them. Specifically, SoFi […]

Behind 378 pieces of business and industry change information: How does the blockchain company on the air outlet change?

Text, Data and Visualization | Carol Design | Tina Editor | Bi Tongtong Tong Data Partners | Day Eye Check Source | PANews The policy setting at the end of October made the blockchain a real fire. The "FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)" sentiment has continued to spread in the market. Originally, companies that started […]

Analysis | The remainder is king: who can survive the spring?

Introduction In November 2019, China launched a new wave of supervision of digital token exchanges. This week's special topic will summarize the characteristics of foreign compliance exchanges listed on the shelf, and explore which projects can persist until the spring of the blockchain industry. Summary Topic: The remainder is king, who can survive the spring? […]

Global Blockchain Private Equity Financing Overwhelming Winter, November Dec. 66.4% MoM

Source of this article: Interchain Pulse Author: Liangshan Huarong Reprinted without authorization! In November 2019, the global blockchain private equity financing market sharply cooled, and the amount of financing fell to its lowest point this year. According to the statistics of the Interlink Pulse Institute, in November 2019, a total of 43 financings were obtained […]

ECB executives: "We cannot sacrifice security" when talking about Libra

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, European Central Bank policy maker Francois Villeroy de Galhau mentioned in an interview the potential impact of social media giant Facebook's crypto project Libra. Speaking of the stablecoin, he said that Libra must adhere to "the highest standards of banking and financial regulation." Regarding the future of the project, […]

Securities Daily: Digital assets will generate super enterprises

Source of this article: Securities Daily , with cuts Author: Xing Meng Editor's Note: The original title was "Viewpoint |" Industrial Blockchainization "is the Only Way Digital Assets Will Generate Super Enterprises" As for how the blockchain can empower the real economy, there are many practical paths emerging in society. The "chain reform" action initiated […]

Why do blockchain companies like to go to Hainan?

Author: 31QU In 2018, China's first officially licensed blockchain industry test zone was established in Hainan Ecological Software. On December 1, 2019, Hainan International Offshore Innovation and Pioneering Pilot Zone was unveiled. The recently renamed Ouke Group entered the first batch of blockchain companies. In the past year or so, Hainan has attracted more than […]

How far is the fiat digital currency from us

Du Xiao, a full-media reporter from the Legal Daily, and Deng Qingyue, an intern Source: Legal Daily ● Fiat digital currency is an extension and performance of fiat currency in the digital world. It is a new form of currency and can exist independently of bank accounts. ● If there is a concept of issuing […]