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Comment: The exchange is open finance

Foreword: In the current encryption world, exchanges are the biggest catchers of value. Because of the user's demand for liquidity, the exchange has a certain degree of network effect, so it is an aggregator of capital. Based on the aggregated users and capital, it can connect with open financial protocols, provide greater liquidity, and provide […]

Tether issued a stable 24-hour trading volume of anchored offshore RMB, only 0.1BTC

According to Bitfinex exchange data, Tether 's three sets of CNHT ( ancillary offshore anchored currency ) trading pairs (including BTC/CNHT, USDT/CNHT, CNH/CNHT) have a total 24-hour trading volume. 0.1BTC. CNHT transaction pair In August of this year, Zhao Dong, founder of DGroup and shareholder of Bitfinex, issued a circle of friends, and Tether will […]

The first securities based on the cryptocurrency market was approved! Grayscale: The agency is still curious about cryptocurrencies

The US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has formally authorized the country's first cryptocurrency-based securities. Image source: Digital Market Fund (DLC) approved by FINRA According to a press release confirmed on October 14, the shares of the Grayscale Digital Market Fund (DLC) were approved by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) this week. Since the […]

Looking at the blockchain project from the "God perspective"

Lead The core point of this paper: Volkswagen will benefit from blockchain technology, but at the same time it will intensify differentiation. Increasing production efficiency is the only option, and foam projects will be eliminated under capital stimulus. Keywords in this paper: Technology is the primary productivity and production efficiency. Halfway through 2019, several major […]

Blockchain Weekly | American Chinese Presidential Candidate Issues Campaign Token 6 Libra Founding Members Withdrew

Overview: Both Visa and MasterCard have withdrawn, and six institutions have officially announced their withdrawal from the Libra Association; the SEC has temporarily suspended the Telegram currency program; the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF proposal has been rejected; Alipay and WeChat Payments have reaffirmed the ban on trading in virtual currency; Yu Zhi will be listed in […]

Bitcoin computing power and market capitalization accounted for a new high, bitcoin indicators are getting stronger and stronger, and why prices are sluggish?

The Bitcoin blockchain has set a new record this week – the network computing power is hitting new highs, but the technical health of this cryptocurrency is not as good as its lower price. Image source: Bitcoin network computing power reaches 83 quintillion/s Monitoring network resources and wallet provider data confirmed that bitcoin computing […]

There are only two kinds of coins in the currency circle: community coins and "community coins"

"My bitcoin is halved in advance!" This sentence in the speculative coin group is constantly being copied and pasted. At the end of June, Bitcoin directly rose to $14,000 after it first rose to $10,000. In the past, bitcoin has soared, and other mainstream altcoins will follow. But this time, on the contrary, in the […]

The central bank’s digital currency is eager to internationalize, and the sword refers to the pricing power of digital assets.

On August 18th, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the "Opinions on Supporting Shenzhen's Pioneering Demonstration Zone with Chinese Characteristics", which mentioned that it supports Shenzhen's innovative exploration of digital currency research and mobile payment. A week ago, Mu Changchun, deputy director of the Payment and Settlement Department of the People's Bank […]

Viewpoint | IEO is moving towards death, and the blockchain financing model is imminent!

Unknowingly, the once popular IEO is cooling rapidly. Looking back at the cryptocurrency bull market in 2017, we can think that ICO has boosted the outbreak of speculative tides, and the shortcomings of this financing structure are also obvious, which is easily abused by scammers, and even “cracked up”. Imagine that the project party spent […]