Articles of Stabilization

Advanced Edition Interpretation | What is a blockchain?

Author: Steven Pu Disclaimer: This article introduces the high-level concept of blockchain technology as a whole, because any blockchain technology will exhibit different characteristics. What is a blockchain?   In general, blockchain technology provides a mechanism for entities to submit statements, agree on facts, and replicate records. It may be a bit esoteric to say […]

The first strand of the blockchain: Jia Nan Zhi Zhi turned gorgeous on Nasdaq

Yesterday evening, a light show video of the entire riverside of Hangzhou Riverside screened the circle of friends. In order to celebrate the listing of the world's second-largest bitcoin miner, Kanna Nan, on Nasdaq on November 21st, Hangzhou has produced a huge light show along the coast, and BTC Bitcoin was publicly unveiled for the […]

Ethereum is expected to upgrade to Istanbul on December 7th

According to the information released by the Ethereum Foundation's official website today, the Ethereum network will be upgraded at a block height of 9,069,000, which is expected to occur around December 7, 2019 (Saturday). The exact date may vary. Change in block time and time zone). After completing this upgrade, Ethereum will welcome these major […]

The Monroe core team issued a security warning: the CLI binary file was corrupted and the user had to check it in time

Source: Shallot APP According to a post, some Monero users noticed that the hash of the downloaded binary did not match the expected result. This issue was first exposed 15 hours ago and it is still pending until now. u/binaryFate says, "It seems that the framework is indeed corrupted. Different CLI binaries are saved for […]

Non-joint office: Be wary of illegal fund-raising in the name of the blockchain

Source: 21st Century Business Herald Author: Li Yumin A reporter from the 21st Century Economic and Economic Report recently learned that the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference Office for Disposal of Illegal Fund Raising (hereinafter referred to as “the Office of Non-Party”) issued by the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a letter to the provincial and municipal […]

Interview with David Marcus: Bitcoin's failure in payment has spawned Libra

On the evening of June 18th, David Marcus and his team at Facebook all night long to prepare for the next day's heavy news. In the past year, they have worked day and night, developing the digital currency Libra, which can be remitted around the world, just as easy and cheap as sending an email. […]

Ping An’s account book is submitted to the prospectus, and the “blockchain first share” dispute opens.

On November 13, 2019, Eastern Time, Ping An Accountant Financial Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Accounts") announced that it has submitted a prospectus to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which will be in the form of American Depositary Shares (ADS). Initial public offering of common stock. In the NYSE / NASDAQ global […]

Community Perspectives | Reflections on the MOV patrol officer system

In the 01 session of the ChainNode White Paper Declassified Reading Club, Liu Qiushan, a senior researcher at the original chain, led a white paper on "MOV: The Next Generation Decentralized Cross-Chain Layer 2 Value Exchange Agreement", which attracted the attention of many fans, including the reading of gentledog. "Thoughts on the MOV patrol officer […]

There is no “coin” in the blockchain advocated by the state, but the four big dividends or the ten-year encounter

Author: wood Mu When the country strongly advocates the blockchain and promotes it to the height of national strategic support, when most people's thinking is still stuck in the “state block promoted by the blockchain can not be fired, there is no relationship with oneself”, there is a small part of the sense of smell […]

Research | Bitcoin mining and video games: Who consumes more power?

The power consumption of Bitcoin mining is a hot topic in recent years. In fact, the negative impact of Bitcoin on the environment has also become one of the many popular comment points for many bitcoin experts on digital currencies. However, data without context is quite misleading, and it is often the case when journalists […]