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I understand the blockchain product layout of JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase, one of the giants in the US banking industry, whose CEO Jamie Dimon has bombarded Bitcoin many times, but in fact, JPMorgan Chase is the first to touch the blockchain. One of the financial institutions. So, what is the blockchain layout of JPMorgan Chase in the past few years? Below, the former developers […]

Don Tapscott, the father of the digital economy: Blockchain will not eradicate our problems, but give us another chance to do better

Interview | Wang Na Author | Wang Zelong Edit | Bi Wei Source | PANews Whether in the Chinese or English world, as long as you search for the name of Don Tapscott, it will appear with the keywords of the father of the digital economy, the blockchain and so on. If you enter Don […]

International Monetary Fund Liu Yan: Digital currency is unlikely to become a mainstream currency soon

According to an English-language report of China Daily, an expert from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said in an interview that despite the increasing popularity of digital currency, it will never replace the world reserve currency overnight. According to reports, financial authorities around the world are increasingly interested in digital currencies, and the winners of […]

From the market distribution of DAI stable coins, see the behavior patterns of DeFi users

Introduction: This paper has carried out comprehensive statistics and analysis on the data of supply growth, liquidity, loan demand and price fluctuation of DAI stable currency. Through data and charts, we can observe the behavior patterns of DeFi users under the incentive of the financial system. 01 DAI supply growth The chart below shows the […]

Tether issued a stable 24-hour trading volume of anchored offshore RMB, only 0.1BTC

According to Bitfinex exchange data, Tether 's three sets of CNHT ( ancillary offshore anchored currency ) trading pairs (including BTC/CNHT, USDT/CNHT, CNH/CNHT) have a total 24-hour trading volume. 0.1BTC. CNHT transaction pair In August of this year, Zhao Dong, founder of DGroup and shareholder of Bitfinex, issued a circle of friends, and Tether will […]

Fed report: digital currency, stable currency and growing payment patterns

Author: Lael Brainard Source: first class warehouse Editor's Note: The original title is "Digital Currency, Stabilizing Coins, and Evolving Payment Patterns" Technology is driving rapid changes in payment methods and the concept of “money”. From coin trading to the use of banknotes to electronic debit and credit of bank account funds, advances in technology have […]

The digital currency exchange has been caught in the throat by the legal currency.

Under the premise of a constant total circulation, money acts as a catalyst for rapidly transforming production materials into capital, and wherever it flows, it is possible to obtain a rapid rise. For the current digital currency market with a market capitalization of only $220 billion, the absorption of traditional funds is a short- and […]

DeFi Series Report | Measuring DeFi Trends with DAI Eco Data

This article provides comprehensive statistics on DAI stable currency supply growth, liquidity, borrowing demand, and price volatility. In the form of data and charts, we observe the behavior patterns of DeFi users inspired by the financial system. The original author is Christian Seberino and Danning Sui from alethio. The following is the translation: First, DAI […]

US legislators consider enacting a bill to classify stable currency as securities

Author: Xiu MU Source: than push More than the news, the US Congress is considering a bill to classify stable currencies whose value is linked to fiat money or other assets. According to the official website of the House Financial Services Committee, Rep. Sylvia Garcia introduced the draft bill to the committee, which plans […]

Full deployment of cryptocurrency regulatory rules in 2020? The FATF will begin a one-year review

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has agreed to assess whether countries have taken the necessary actions to deploy cryptocurrency-related rules. The FATF emphasizes: “Given the global nature of the virtual asset industry, countries must implement these rules immediately.” The FATF will begin to review compliance by member states The FATF held a plenary session […]