Articles of Stabilizing Coin

Thoughts on the Development of Stabilizing Coins and the Repositioning of DEX

MakerDao added a BAT mortgage asset event, once again igniting the dispute between decentralized stable currency and centralized stabilization currency. Centralized stable coins are generally issued jointly by exchanges and institutions. For example, Bitfinex and Tether cooperate to issue USDT, Binance and Paxos cooperate to issue BUSD, etc. The motivation for issuing coins is mainly […]

After upgrading the multi-mortgage Dai, MakerDao will do these in the next 10 years.

This week, MakerDao's stable currency project, Dai, has just completed a multi-mortgage (MCD) upgrade, marking a new journey for the project. In order to understand the direction of the project, Spartan Capital invited Rune Christensen, founder of the Maker Foundation, to talk with you about the next plan of MakerDao, and its newly launched multi-mortgage […]

German Ministry of Finance report: privacy and stable currency may lead to increased risk of money laundering and terrorist financing

According to foreign media, the German Federal Ministry of Finance expressed concern about the increasing use of privacy tokens because they are associated with criminal activities and are difficult to track. Image source: The Department’s National Risk Assessment for First Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, issued on October 19, provides an identification of existing and […]

MakerDAO 4D Depth Report: The Value Analysis and Enlightenment of Ethereum's Largest Stable Coin

Recently, the Institute of Science and Technology of the United States has conducted in-depth research on the MakerDAO project. This article is based on the research results and compiled the MakerDAO In-Depth Report. The report is divided into four chapters that explain the following four parts to the reader: The existence of stable currency Research […]

The market value of GUSD has shrunk by more than 80%, and the market circulation accounted for less than 0.1%.

On July 4th, AMBCrypto released a message saying that in the past seven months, the total market value of GUSD has shrunk by more than 88%. According to Coinmarketcap data, the total market value of GUSD reached its highest point on December 20 last year, at 1.0391. Billions of dollars, and its latest market value […]

How does decentralized MakerDAO make an "interest rate adjustment" decision?

The whole mechanism can be divided into three steps: community discussion, public opinion voting and execution voting. In the execution of the voting, the initial number of votes for maintaining the stable rate is the number of votes for the previous round of voting. The user can take his MKR to reduce the corresponding number […]

Swiss National Stock Exchange Group SIX will launch Swiss Franc Stabilizer

According to CoinDesk's May 22 report, the Swiss National Stock Exchange group SIX is working to create its own "stabilized currency", a cryptocurrency linked to the Swiss franc to promote the SIX Digital Exchange (SDX). On the transaction. A spokesperson for SIX confirmed the news in an email and told CoinDesk: “Yes, we are currently […]

MakerDAO was chosen because the bank interest rate was too high. As a result, the interest rate increased to 19.5% seven times in February.

"I don't think anyone would think of this." Key points: As an Ethereum agreement for programmatic lending, MakerDAO has become a market leader, partly because its minimum interest rate is only 0.5%. But the code behind MakerDAO requires interest rates not only to extract business from the borrower, but also to keep its DAI stable […]

The next vent of the currency circle gave the Ethereum holders a shot in the arm

The winter of the coin seems to have passed. From the beginning of the year, Facebook, JP Morgan and other giant hair coins, to the model currency, the IEO is in full swing. The hot spots in the first half of 2019 have never been interrupted. Compared to these fleeting hot spots, there is a […]

JPMorgan Chase implements digital cryptocurrency and interprets "stable currency" from the perspective of monetary economics

JPMorgan Chase, one of the largest financial services institutions in the United States, announced in February that it will issue the encrypted digital currency JPM Coin, which is considered by the outside world to be the official entry of JPMorgan Chase into the blockchain. The author combines JPMorgan Chase to issue the "Morgancoin" hot event, […]