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Federal Reserve's latest Financial Stability Report: Stabilizing coins may become a new trading medium

Editor's Note: The original title is "Global Stabilization Coin and Financial Stability" This article was compiled by the Credit Research Institute and selected from the Federal Reserve's Financial Stability Report. The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, only represents the author's own point of view, does not represent the views or positions […]

Dragon White: Is it difficult to get out of it? Global Stabilization Currency Risks and Challenges

Author: Long Tao White Bitcoin is the most well-known first-wave encryption asset and has so far failed to provide reliable and attractive means of payment or value storage. They exhibit extreme price volatility, limited throughput, unpredictable transaction costs, limited or lack of governance, and limited transparency. Currently, emerging stable currencies have many of the characteristics […]

G7 Stabilization Coin Report (full text): Stabilizing coins may be more capable of acting as a means of payment and value storage

Author: The number of chain team rating Source: Number Chain Rating ShulianRatings Editor's Note: The original title is "G7: Stabilizing coins may be more capable of acting as a means of payment and value storage." The Stabilization Coin Working Group, composed of the Group of Seven (G7) France, the United States, Japan, Canada, Italy, Germany […]

Lawyer's point of view | Xiao Wei: The policy and regulatory risk of the stable currency comes from two aspects.

Source: Daily Economic News Editor's Note: The original title is "Digital Currency Expert: Stabilizing the Policy and Regulatory Risks from Two Aspects" October 17-18, 2019, Governor of the People's Bank of China Yi Gang, Vice President Chen Yulu attended the G20 ministerial and deputy-level meetings of the G20 finance and central bank in Washington, DC. […]

Password Punk and Super Sovereignty: written on the eve of the 134 stable currency project

This article Source: NPC Source Plan (ID: gh_8f53b5712d81) Author: Xiaohan, oranges, Leo, xy, Blake, Ryan The birth of the encryption world stems from the geeks' pursuit of utopian vision. They hope to use a decentralized and trustworthy way to build an open society that does not have to rely on the government, enterprises, organizations or […]

The German government approves a blockchain strategy to prevent stable currency from becoming an alternative currency

The German government has approved a blockchain strategy aimed at preventing stable currencies from becoming alternative currencies and threatening national sovereignty. Image source: Reuters reported on September 18 that the cabinet of German Chancellor Angela Merkel passed the strategy earlier today, apparently to ease the upcoming Libra cryptocurrency band of social media giant Facebook. The […]

Decentralized stable currency monetary policy and fiscal policy governance

Foreword: How to achieve a decentralized stable currency? How should monetary and fiscal policies be formulated and implemented? This paper presents a framework that attempts to eliminate the need for human involvement to achieve a programmatic decentralized stable currency. The author of this article, Evan Kereiakes, is translated by the "HQ" of the "Blue Fox […]

Swiss FINMA issued a guide to the stable currency, proposing Libra to obtain the necessary conditions for payment of the license

According to a report by Cointelegraph on September 11, the Swiss Financial Market Regulatory Authority (FINMA) issued a document focusing on stable coins to complement its existing first-generation currency issuance (ICO) guidelines. (Source: flickr ) In a press release issued on September 11, the Swiss Financial Market Regulatory Authority stated that the circulation of stable […]

ConsenSys latest report: 2019 Stabilization currency status

This is a report from the famous Ethereum incubator ConsenSys, which was updated and released in mid-August, in the "2019 Stabilized Coins Development Status" report. There are more than 200 stable currencies to choose from in the market. This is all you need to know about the most active areas in the blockchain industry. It […]

Research Report | There are more newcomers in the stable currency market, and the “institutional giants” are rushing to the beach.

Foreword In view of the recent Libra white paper published by Facebook and the announcement of the “Star” program to push the stable currency to the headlines and investment, the whole article will start with the development history of stable currency, and by reviewing the concept and value of stable currency, The history of stable […]