Articles of Stabilizing Currency

Dai Data Growth Report (2019Q3): Dai usage peaked in August, with active addresses exceeding 100,000

The Maker ecosystem has experienced explosive growth due to the rapid growth in compound usage and Coinbase Earn's CDP educational activities. The following is a report of key indicators for Dai during the period from July 2019 to October 1919. Dai's activity is greatly increased In the past four months, Dai's activity has more than […]

Getting Started | What is DAI Stabilizer and why it stays stable

The stable currency Dai of Decentralized Autonomous Organization MakerDAO on Ethereum is one of the most popular DeFi. Currently, about 2% of Ethereum is worth about $300 million in smart contracts for Maker's mortgage debt position . So, what magic does it have to achieve such an achievement? In December 2017, MakerDAO released a decentralized […]

Dialogue | Paying for the match: Who is better than the anonymous and stable coins?

One of the most interesting things in the industry this year is that Facebook officially announced the launch of the cryptocurrency Libra. Libra and its members of the alliance chain, with their own massive user and payment scenarios, make people pay attention to the possibility of blockchain technology landing in the payment field. In fact, […]

Analysis: Why does the DAI target interest rate feedback mechanism fail?

Officials have a cloud: Since February, MakerDAO has received large-scale attention and application, and the number of DAIs has increased from $50 million to $90 million. The price of DAI appears to be slightly below the $1 deviation. Why the DAI price will be anchored for a long time, less than 1 US dollar, the […]

OK first disclosed OKUSD issue: Based on OKChain, anchoring USD, compliance is the primary purpose

In March 2019, OK Group completed a strategic investment in the US trust company PrimeTrust. On April 18th, at the media meeting held by OKcoin and Prime Trust, OK first disclosed the design concept and strategic planning of OKUSD. It is reported that OKUSD is a stable currency for anchoring the issuance of US dollar […]

DeFi Cornerstone: Deep Interpretation of Stabilizing Coin Dai

Recently, Dai has appeared frequently in our field of vision. Dai is currently the largest decentralized stable currency in the market, and the most eye-catching DeFi project of the past year. Dai is a decentralized stable coin introduced by MakerDAO. It is automatically generated by mortgage ETH in the “CDP Smart Contract” and its price […]