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Can the Circle, which has its core business centered on stablecoins, withdraw its divestiture business, can "bet" this time?

Wen | Editing by Zhou Wenyi | Bi Tongtong Source | PANews After six years of business, the unicorn Circle reached the fork and made strategic adjustments again. On December 17, the official Circle blog announced the sale of the Circle Trade OTC business to Kraken, and stated that the company will focus on the […]

After Bitcoin aimed at Ethereum, how did Fidelity lay out the crypto market?

Today, according to shared financial news, Fidelity's digital asset unit Fidelity Digital Asset Services (FDAS) may launch Ethereum custody services in 2020. "The company has already done a lot of work on Ethereum and will support Ethereum hosting services in 2020," said Tom Jessop, head of Fidelity Digital Asset Services, in an interview. From the […]

30 days "water injection" 500 billion US dollars! This move by the Federal Reserve may help Bitcoin take off again

Although Bitcoin is an emerging asset that is independent of the government and Wall Street, with the more significant "financial attributes" of Bitcoin and the rapid development of the industry over the past few years, those traditional financial markets The proven regularity logic for ten or even hundreds of years is being moved into the […]

What does incubator mean for crypto startups?

Original: Cointelegraph , original author: Henry Linver Source: Odaily Planet Daily Translator: Nin Yin Si Tang   As the 2017 bull market approached, a large number of new tokens, companies and products emerged. With so much interest from consumers and businesses, the industry is growing wildly. However, there are many projects, but the good and […]

Forbes: Trump decides Bitcoin price trend in 2020

This week Forbes wrote that next year's US presidential Trump election and the Sino-US trade war will determine the price of Bitcoin. According to the article, the price of bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the highest market value, is related to the Sino-US trade war. At present, Sino-U.S. Trade negotiations have made progress, so the price […]

26 industrial parks, 30 billion funds, the most comprehensive summary of blockchain policies across the country

Author: Even Weimin Source: Daily Link News On October 24th, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the eighteenth collective study on the current status and trends of the development of blockchain technology, and the blockchain has also become a new “window” for policy. Immediately after that, governments in various places also issued […]

What can the blockchain do? 532 patents, 506 filings, 414 companies point out direction

Author: Ren Jundong Source: Zero One Finance In January of this year, the State Internet Information Office issued the "Regulations on the Management of Blockchain Information Services". The "Regulations" require that blockchain information service providers should report relevant information in the "Blockchain Information Service Filing Management System" of the National Internet Information Office Information and […]

Yi Huanhuan, Dean of Beijing Mutual Gold Association Research Institute: "Blockchain + Finance" will come to fruition in 2020, and the blockchain will enter a new era of smart contracts

Original from: Securities Daily Reporter Ma Fangye Wang Ning ——Interview with Yi Huanhuan, Dean of Beijing Internet Finance Association Research Institute and Founder of Yigu Tianxia Group It has been nearly six months since the release of Facebook ’s white paper that Libra has entered the public eye. Although it has struggled tortuously in the […]

Twitter CEO Jack has a dream: from electronic money to social networks

If Bitcoin appeared before Twitter, would the history of social networks be rewritten? One night in 2007, Jack Do … One night in 2007, Jack Dorsey had a dream. Jack was a child used to being alone since he was a child. While other children were playing American football, he was busy obsessed with studying […]

Introduction to Blockchain | Filecoin launches testnet, is the age of IPFS coming?

Author | Li Huohua Production | Vernacular Blockchain (ID: hellobtc) At about 1:55 am Beijing time yesterday, the Filecoin project, which was delayed for more than a year, finally launched the testnet. Many people may be new to Filecoin, but when it comes to IPFS (Interstellar File System) , I believe many people have heard […]