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The latest report of the European Parliament: Crypto assets are not the same as CBDC. Global stablecoins will have a far-reaching impact (full text download)

Many central banks, including the People ’s Bank of China (PBoC), Bank of Canada, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, European Central Bank, Sveriges Riksbank and Swiss National Bank, are striving to issue their own digital currencies, while China is in a leading position. A recent European Parliament report entitled " Crypto Assets: Major Developments, […]

French AMF responds to EU crypto asset advisory: establishment of classification is premature and proposes special terms for stablecoins

Source: CointelegraphChina Editor's Note: The original title was "French Financial Regulatory Agency Responds to the European Commission's Cryptocurrency Asset Advisory" As the European Commission completed its public consultation on cryptocurrency assets in March, major French financial regulators stepped in to express their position on this issue. The French securities market regulator, the French Financial Market […]

The US dollar is still the king of currency, but stablecoins will lead the rise of digital currencies

This article from the Medium , the original author: Mason Nystrom Translator | Moni Last week, the US government announced the approval of an economic stimulus bill of up to $ 2 trillion. Many people think that in the face of potential long-term inflation, the issuance of additional dollars will not help, but the reality […]

Web 3 "Value Internet" Quantitative Indicators: From BTC to Ethereum to MakerDAO

Source: Public Number Encrypted Valley Live Original title: "Web 3 Series | Fabric Ventures: A Complete Overview of Quantitative Indicators for Value Internet" After studying seven venture capital funds, we are convinced that key indicators play a pivotal role in assessing a company's performance, such as: “What is the current growth of MRR?” “Which customers […]

Ling listening 2020: the first time in the New Year's speech talks about the sense of certainty, chaos is not the abyss is the ladder

From the beginning of the first season, "Game of Thrones" has depicted seven families including Lannister, Tangerian, and Stark. In order to compete for the symbol of power, the Iron Throne has been fighting for years, which is full of killing and plundering. The tactics, which made the medieval Europe in chaos. The "Little Finger" […]

DeFI: Ethereum's currency Lego

Share: Pan Chao Finishing: Uncle Red Army (Boundless Community) As the almost largest DeFi application in Ethereum, MakerDAO can't be circumvented anyway. This time, we invited Pan Chao, the head of MakerDAO China, to share the development history of MakerDAO's DeFi, the current MakerDAO problems, and DAO governance and other perspectives bring you a full […]

More underground regulatory documents, the virtual currency industry goes to the bubble

Since November 11, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Inner Mongolia and other underground supervision documents have first issued risk warnings for digital currency trading related activities, and subsequent investigations and closures of trading platforms have been carried out. The mainstream media whispered and updated the progress and results of the remediation actions. On November 22nd, the […]

An Example of Government Affairs System: Blockchain Thinking in Public Affairs

Overview Overview Blockchain technology is a potential tool for improving government services and promoting greater transparency between government and citizenship. Blockchain technology can greatly optimize business processes through more efficient and secure data sharing. The blockchain has many possible applications in the public affairs department. Through blockchain technology, governments can improve the way they deliver […]

Central Bank Shanghai Headquarters Graphic Blockchain: Blockchain virtual currency, developing blockchain technology away from virtual currency speculation

Source: People's Bank of China Shanghai Headquarters Editor's Note: The original title is "blockchain virtual currency, developing blockchain technology away from virtual currency speculation"

Professor Gong Yi of China Europe International Business School: the dusk of the company and the dawn of the blockchain

Author: Gong Yan Source: Odaily Planet Daily Gong Yu About the author: The author of the book "Dusk of Corporate System", Professor of Entrepreneurship Management at China Europe International Business School, Director of CEIBS Venture Capital / Venture Capital Program, Ph.D. in Strategic Studies from the University of Wisconsin, USA, taught at the University of […]