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Babbitt launch | Deputy Governor of the Bank of England: strengthen supervision of stablecoins, plan central bank digital currency

This article was first published by Babbitt Information by the author "Clear Air", please do not reprint it without permission. Jon Kanleaf is not only the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, but also one of the leaders of the seven-line CBDC R & D team just set up earlier this year. Speaking at […]

CFTC Technical Advisory Committee Holds Public Meeting to Discuss Stablecoin

Author: Xiu MU Source: Tweet The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) technical advisory committee held a public meeting on Wednesday to discuss stablecoins, cryptocurrency insurance, regulation and cybersecurity. According to Cointelegraph, JPM Coin, MakerDAO and Paxo three stablecoin projects participated in the meeting, and participants discussed all aspects of stablecoin. Paxos CEO Charles […]

G20 Finance Ministers' Summit: Reiterating Regulation and Review of Global Stablecoin

Today's G20 summit was held in Riyadh. At the G20 Finance Ministers' Meeting, the finance ministers of various countries showed close attention to cryptocurrencies and virtual assets. After the meeting, a group of finance ministers and central bank governors issued a joint communiqué. Jointly urge countries to implement cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets. Supervision and […]

First Deputy Governor of the Bank of France: The stablecoin provides a plan to improve the payment system, but there are risks that need to be addressed

Denis Beau, the first deputy governor of the Bank of France, recently spoke at the "European Ambitious" stablecoin conference. Paris Europlace and ConsenSys organized the event in January of this year. Beau talked about the good and bad of stablecoins. He outlined three tasks for regulators to develop a stablecoin adoption policy. Source: Pixabay Beau […]

Learning | What are the businesses of stablecoin (2)

Right to transaction fees: The fees for on-chain transactions are paid proportionally to holders of volatility coins. Volatility coins can also be used as collateral to support stablecoins. Given the potential volatility of the collateral base, stablecoins will be issued on an over-collateralized basis. Volatility coins represent a percentage of future transaction costs, and their […]

Depth | The fiat digital currency elephant dances, the industry is changing

Summary The scale of the stablecoin market is accelerating, forming a "one super and many strong" competition pattern led by USDT. In 2019, the three major cryptocurrency exchanges and corporate giants have entered the game. 1) As of December 31, 2019, there were about 66 open and active circulating stablecoins. According to the different anchors, […]

2019 stablecoin research report: why is the current use scenario restricted and how to adapt to the mainstream payment environment?

Overview We usually do not associate the stability of financial assets with cryptocurrencies. After all, we have seen a lot of events such as "hundred times coins" and "return to zero coins" in just a few years. Bitcoin, as its representative, did not inherit the price stability of major fiat currencies when it inherited the […]

Mortgage-based distributed stablecoins: new ideas for inclusive finance, new trends in distributed finance

Author: Liang Wenhui With the global economy falling into low-speed growth, various countries are actively carrying out reforms and explorations. From the perspective of financial stability, many countries are actively conducting research on digital economic transformation, hoping to realize digital transformation through cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain Presumed economic growth, of which blockchain-based stablecoins are […]

Promote the progress of digital currencies in various countries. Will stable currencies such as Libra still have huge development potential in the future?

Original: Artem Popov For potential crypto market participants, stablecoins with relatively low price fluctuations are extremely attractive to them. At the beginning of 2019, the total investment amount of global stablecoin reached 350 million U.S. dollars, and it was growing rapidly for a time. Author: Artem Popov Source: forbes Compile: Joyce Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other […]

Depth: How far is the cryptocurrency ETF in the future?

WisdomTree, a large asset management company with $ 63.8 billion in assets, is rumored to be planning to issue a regulated stablecoin-awaiting approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The company could make huge strides with this move. This move will bring a unique combination of corporate-level and financial supervision experience to the […]