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Completely solve the liquidity problem? Staking new game attack, traditional PoS mining pool

Not long ago, Binance CEO CZ Zhao Changpeng publicly stated that Binance's mining pool will be launched in the second quarter. Yesterday, Kucoin issued a new announcement saying that its POS mining pool Pool-X mining pool coin POL is about to go online for trading. After the major domestic exchanges have deployed mining pools, it […]

The new pattern of staking: exchanges enter the market to explore the boundary, the pledge amount of service providers is not proportional to the income provided

Analyst | Carol Editor | Bi Tongtong | PANews At this time last year, Staking was all the rage, and many players "run" to enter. In the past year, as more and more PoS public chains went online, the Staking market is becoming wider and wider. There are even voices in the market that this […]

Inventory of six major digital asset wealth management models: the dual currency wealth management yields the highest, and the exchange Staking has the strongest liquidity

The recent FCoin thunderstorm has caused a thousand layers of waves. The FCoin event involves a huge amount of money, a large number of direct / indirect damages, FCoin is extremely well-known, and because FCoin is closed directly and there is no room for buffering, the impact of the FCoin event is enormous. Affected by […]

Babbitt Exclusive | Staking + DeFi + DAO, the rough collision of complex transactions and simple governance

Recently, the author has seen two messages in succession. Because the names are very similar, they almost confuse me. Message 1: Jonas Lamis, CEO of Tezos Capital, founded Staker DAO, and holders of Staker Token (STKR) will generate value from the DeFi agreement. Message 2: Stake service provider Stake Capital launches Stake DAO, announcing that […]

Perspective analysis 丨 the bottlenecks and solutions of staking projects

In 2019, blockchain technology has attracted more and more attention from mainstream society. In the process, staking-type projects have gradually become the hottest topic in the cryptocurrency market recently. staking means "equity pledge", which means that under the consensus mechanism of PoS or DPoS, token holders can obtain token revenue from the project party by […]

Popular Science | Eth 2.0 Staking Logic

Translation: Unitimes_David Source: Unitimes Summary Proof of Stake (PoS) represents a type of consensus algorithm in which validators vote on the next block, and the weight of the vote depends on the voter's equity. Due to lower energy consumption, less centralization risk, security against different types of 51% attacks, etc., Proof-of-Stake is considered an improvement […]

After Bitcoin aimed at Ethereum, how did Fidelity lay out the crypto market?

Today, according to shared financial news, Fidelity's digital asset unit Fidelity Digital Asset Services (FDAS) may launch Ethereum custody services in 2020. "The company has already done a lot of work on Ethereum and will support Ethereum hosting services in 2020," said Tom Jessop, head of Fidelity Digital Asset Services, in an interview. From the […]

30 days "water injection" 500 billion US dollars! This move by the Federal Reserve may help Bitcoin take off again

Although Bitcoin is an emerging asset that is independent of the government and Wall Street, with the more significant "financial attributes" of Bitcoin and the rapid development of the industry over the past few years, those traditional financial markets The proven regularity logic for ten or even hundreds of years is being moved into the […]

What does incubator mean for crypto startups?

Original: Cointelegraph , original author: Henry Linver Source: Odaily Planet Daily Translator: Nin Yin Si Tang   As the 2017 bull market approached, a large number of new tokens, companies and products emerged. With so much interest from consumers and businesses, the industry is growing wildly. However, there are many projects, but the good and […]

Forbes: Trump decides Bitcoin price trend in 2020

This week Forbes wrote that next year's US presidential Trump election and the Sino-US trade war will determine the price of Bitcoin. According to the article, the price of bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the highest market value, is related to the Sino-US trade war. At present, Sino-U.S. Trade negotiations have made progress, so the price […]