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For a story after a thousand years-Github bitcoin source code freezes Norway

"Non-tampering" is one of the characteristics of blockchain certificate information, but in extreme cases, this feature will be subverted. Imagine that on a trivial day without warning, people from all corners of the world acted according to their established lifestyles. Suddenly, a mysterious force took humans away from the blue planet at this moment. A […]

11 years later, Bitcoin is still hard to use

Source: LongHash Editor's Note: This article has been deleted without altering the author's original intention. For a long time, various companies and many developers have tried to improve the user-friendliness of Bitcoin, but the overall availability of this world's most popular cryptocurrency is still quite unsatisfactory. Compared to addresses that are easy to read for […]

Future decentralized data storage for blockchain

After a few years of development, there are now a significant number of crypto companies looking to disrupt a range of industries and they have the financial foundation to realize this vision. These companies believe that blockchain will support a new decentralized Internet, and they are hurrying to build decentralized applications that people will use […]

Full analysis of decentralized storage track core projects: Filecoin, Storj and Arweave

Written by: 小毛 哥 @ 链 闻 、 咖啡 @ 头等 仓 Source: Chain News 2020 is a crucial year in the field of decentralized storage. Within the next two months, there will be product development progress for heavy-duty decentralized storage projects including Filecoin and Storj. The track and its core projects in the field […]

4D long texts talk about decentralized storage

Author: Chen Yi-hsin Source: HashKey Hub Community Editor's Note: The original title was "4D Decentralized Storage" Summary Decentralized storage is a storage business model that uses distributed storage technology to store files or file sets in pieces on disk space provided by different vendors. It advocates strong privacy protection, low storage costs, data redundancy backup […]

Breaking through the encirclement, how does Lambda become a dark horse for decentralized network storage?

At 7pm on June 17th, Lambda founder He Xiaoyang, HCoin CEO David L, Xingyao Capital Investment Partner Chen Liang was a guest at the ChainNode live room (formerly Babbitt Live Room). Lambda focuses on distributed storage, how do you combine decentralized storage with blockchain incentives? What can decentralized storage help the blockchain solve? How does […]