Articles of Sun Yuchen

Sun Yuchen, who frequently touches porcelain, is "touching porcelain". Is it true or false?

Under the continuous hotspot marketing, the wave field has washed away the label of “air currency” in some people's eyes, but it has become a disaster-stricken area. In these funds, the wave field or Sun Yuchen is true. Innocent or false innocence, it is difficult to define. Wave field reproduction fund dispute On June 19, […]

The 1 billion fund disk "wave field super community" running out of cash, why is Sun Yuchen always worried?

At the beginning of the bull market, the dealer did not harvest, and the fund was harvested. According to the security company Chengdu Chain Security, the number of wallets that run for a few months is close to 20. First, the “first fund of the currency circle” PlusToken runs the headlines of major communities and […]

Sun Yuchen: Betting on 100 bitcoins for 3 years, the wave market Sogou market value is high and low

The founder of the wave field (BitTorrent CEO) Sun Yuchen forwarded Wang Xiaochuan Weibo on the evening of the 4th. He called for a hundred bitcoins, and then a three-year contract to see the market value of the wave field and Sogou in June 2022. High and low. Wave field TRON is said to be […]

Behind Wang Xiaochuan's Sun Yuchen: Entering the Bitland Prospectus, denying the project platform

Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan may never think that his own eyes five years ago will trigger such a big chain reaction afterwards. This look deeply stimulated Sun Yuchen. Five years later, he announced that his company's market value exceeded Sogou, quite a bit of shame. In the blockchain world, Sun Yuchen, the founder of the […]

How does the wave field become the "Dollars of the Currency"

After all, the difference between the wave field and the bitcoin marketing method is one in the bull market, one in the bear market, the bull market is high and high, and the effect is quick, and the bear market has to choose high wall, wide grain, and slow king. After all, even if you […]

For Sun Yuchen to calculate the account: 31 million and Buffett to eat or lose, who is paying

Today, the currency circle, oh no, the entire financial circle has been swiped by a message: Sun Yuchen photographed the "Buffett Charity Lunch" with a record high price of $45,668,800. Sun Yuchen will also become the world's first 90-year enterprise to have lunch with Buffett. Family. According to the usual practice, Buffett does not impose […]

Media: Don't let "Buffett lunch" become "Buffett curse"

Buffett, one of the world's most talented investment masters, founded the Buffett Lunch, which is known for his charitable significance and the value of face-to-face communication with his masters. On June 1st, the 20th Buffett Charity Luncheon ended its auction at eBay at 10:30 Beijing time. The transaction price hit a record high of US$4.5677 […]

Buffett lunch of $4.57 million: Another multi-faceted Sun Yuchen's ghost marketing?

"This is an era in which the accelerator button is pressed. I must not be left behind." This is a well-known sentence that Sun Yuchen said. First, the highest price in the history of Buffett lunch: $4.57 million On June 1st, Beijing time, in 2019, "Buffett Lunch" was auctioned by Sun Yuchen, the founder of […]

Sun Yuchen: This time I can finally eat a big waist with the stock god.

In the early morning of June 4th, Beijing time, the founder of the wave field, Sun Yuchen, officially issued a message on social media to take a Buffett lunch. In a flash of screen friends circle, countless people flocked to praise Sun Yuchen to make a great contribution to the popularization of cryptocurrency, is the […]

Buffett's lunch "high price" bidder was announced as the founder of the wave field Sun Yuchen

Sun Yuchen, the founder of the world's 11th largest digital currency wave currency bank TRON, announced on Weibo and Twitter at noon on June 3rd that it successfully broke the luncheon at the Buffett Charity Luncheon for $45.678 million. The highest bid amount record in the year. Sun Yuchen said that he has always been […]