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Web 3 "Value Internet" Quantitative Indicators: From BTC to Ethereum to MakerDAO

Source: Public Number Encrypted Valley Live Original title: "Web 3 Series | Fabric Ventures: A Complete Overview of Quantitative Indicators for Value Internet" After studying seven venture capital funds, we are convinced that key indicators play a pivotal role in assessing a company's performance, such as: “What is the current growth of MRR?” “Which customers […]

Ling listening 2020: the first time in the New Year's speech talks about the sense of certainty, chaos is not the abyss is the ladder

From the beginning of the first season, "Game of Thrones" has depicted seven families including Lannister, Tangerian, and Stark. In order to compete for the symbol of power, the Iron Throne has been fighting for years, which is full of killing and plundering. The tactics, which made the medieval Europe in chaos. The "Little Finger" […]

DeFI: Ethereum's currency Lego

Share: Pan Chao Finishing: Uncle Red Army (Boundless Community) As the almost largest DeFi application in Ethereum, MakerDAO can't be circumvented anyway. This time, we invited Pan Chao, the head of MakerDAO China, to share the development history of MakerDAO's DeFi, the current MakerDAO problems, and DAO governance and other perspectives bring you a full […]

The three elements and three meanings of Jianan Technology's successful IPO

On the occasion of the bleak market, Jianan Technology (hereinafter referred to as "Jia Nan") became a rare and good news. On this listing, Jia Nan confirmed the stock code as “CAN” and issued 10 million ADSs, with a price of US$9 per share and a fundraising amount of US$90 million. On the first day […]

Bitcoin has been falling, and investment has taught you how to cross the bulls

On November 23rd, the 5th Anniversary of Bitcoin Hardcore Fan Dinner was held in Beijing. The second round table of the conference, FBG founder Zhou Shuoji, Primitive Ventures founding partner Dovey Wan, BlockVC founding partner Xu Yingkai, and the currency circle V nightcat around the theme of "Bearing the Bulls", a wonderful discussion . FBG […]

Will the Indian government lift the cryptocurrency?

Author: Jimmy Aki Source: Unitimes India has always been one of the most famous countries in the world against cryptocurrencies. A number of policies being passed by the Indian government have made it difficult for the country's cryptocurrency companies to survive. However, recent developments indicate that the Indian government may loosen restrictions on cryptocurrencies. On […]

Grin core developer parses Mimblewimble "vulnerabilities": non-fundamental flaws, Grin is safe

On November 18th, Ivan Bogatyy, a researcher at Dragonfly Capital, a blockchain investment fund, wrote that the privacy of the Mimblewimble agreement is fundamentally flawed, and that only 96% of Grin can be discovered in real time by paying $AWS a week for AWS. The exact address of the transaction originator and payee. Ivan Bogatyy […]

The market changed as expected, and the market ushered in key support

Author | Hash sent analysis team

MakerDAO multi-mortgage Dai has been online, new collateral is still under consideration

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Maker has launched a new Dai stable currency today. This multi-collateral Dai (MCD) is supported by multiple types of collateral, unlike the single-backed Dai (SCD, also known as Sai) used earlier. Although Maker announced the new agreement as early as October, the company updated the information in an article on […]

DCEP should win the "Nobel Peace Prize": from the national level counterfeit currency forgery

Editor's Note: The original title is "Sovereign currency will be freed from military endorsement – DCEP is great enough to win the Nobel Peace Prize" Long-term living in the environment of electronic payment, we have forgotten the sadness of receiving counterfeit money. This kind of environment is hard to come by, and more real worlds […]