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Interview with Li Ming of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Understanding Decentralization of Blockchain with Cross-border Transactions and Cold Chain Logistics

Securities Daily reporter Ma Fangye Li Bing Source: Securities Daily As one of the main features of blockchain technology, "decentralization" is mentioned most frequently and is also considered the most disruptive. How should decentralization be properly understood? Does the blockchain technology have to pursue absolute decentralization? With these questions in mind, a reporter from the […]

People's Daily Online: How do countries welcome the advent of the blockchain era?

Author: Deng Wei, Zhang Yue, Shi Wei, Li Mu Hang, Wang Quan arrogance, Jia Wenting, seed Lu Yi (intern) Source: People's Daily Online-International Channel Blockchain is an invisible and intangible virtual technology, but it has enough power to subvert the times. Its value not only lies in supporting virtual currency along the way, its impact […]

Was Telegram defended, was the "extra" 6 months to fight enough?

Author: LornaQ Source: Finance Network Chain Finance Judge P. Kevin Castel of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, which heard the SEC suing Telegram for issuing illegal securities, decided to retain the SEC motion and rejected Telegram's defense that "the SEC prosecution violates the principle of unclear invalidity". Telegram's defence […]

Go to the center, go to the intermediary, what type of center and what type of intermediary does the blockchain system remove?

Regarding the blockchain, we now emphasize more on the decentralization of the blockchain system's own technical architecture and the application of the blockchain to various business systems, which will bring about the decentralization of the business system and business processes. Disintermediation. Through decentralization and deintermediation, optimize business processes, reduce operating costs, improve collaboration efficiency, and […]

Babbitt Exclusive | Read the legal issues of blockchain projects. Is token incentive and chain reform feasible?

"What is compliance? Compliance does not violate the law's red line." On November 28th, at the seminar on “Legal Compliance: Opportunities and Challenges” organized by Zhong Lun Law Firm and LexisNexis, a legal seminar on the topic of legal affairs, attorney Yu Luping, a partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm and a postdoc from Central […]

Three major domestic virtual currency exchanges focus on compliance business and actively engage with local governments and state-owned enterprises

China Times ( reporter Ran Xuedong trainee reporter An Lingfei Beijing reports The currency circle is facing critical moments in life and death. On the one hand, the news of the shutdown and running of various exchanges since November has been very busy, and players have been waiting for shipments; on the other hand, the […]

Blockchain Science Fiction: "Recalling Computing Power" (Part 2)

Act Nine Purification Plan Time: 2035 Location: A courtyard house in Beijing People: Core members of the Future Club Issue: Human Purification Project The core members of the future meeting were all present, sitting at a large round table. For fairness, round tables are used. Everyone was seated at will, but they were right in […]

Why can Singapore's financial industry break through technology silos?

Wen | Visiting Professor of National University of Singapore and Dean of the White House School of Finance The Monetary Authority of Singapore favours balanced and principled supervision of the financial industry, creating an open, inclusive and stable financial environment. Its financial technology innovation and development is one of the global leaders. These not only […]