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Mu Changchun, Di Gang: Supply Chain Finance Analysis Based on Blockchain Technology

Source of this article: People's Venture Capital Blockchain Author: Mu Changchun, China People's Bank Payment and Settlement Department Deputy Director; deputy director Di Gang, People's Bank of China Digital Monetary Institute Core points In recent years, the rapid development of supply chain finance, the combination of industry and finance, and highlighting the reduction in the […]

Blockchain Application in Hangzhou Practice: "Blockchain +" Breakthrough to Solve Supply Chain Financial Problems

Author: Firebird Finance In the past two years, the State Council and various ministries and commissions have launched a series of measures to increase support for small, medium and micro enterprises, focusing on the difficulty and expensive financing of SMEs. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, as of the end of November […]

With credit, there is tomorrow! 5 ways that blockchain + supply chain finance can help companies finance

Source: Pulse of Interchain, the original title "Review of Cash Flows in the Return to Work Season: Five Models of Blockchain + Supply Chain Finance to Relieve the Difficulties of Corporate Financing" Author: Mutual chain pulse Yuan Shang According to incomplete statistics of the pulse of the inter-chain, there are nearly 100 cases of blockchain […]

Lawyer's interpretation | Blockchain's application in supply chain finance faces three major legal risks

The pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection in early 2020 brought a devastating disaster to the operation of many small and medium-sized enterprises in China, among which a large number of enterprises experienced a shortage of capital flow. The new model of blockchain asset securitization has been pushed to the front of the era. […]

Beijing Haidian District launches blockchain-based SME supply chain financial service platform, expected to make first lender next week

Source: Beijing Commercial Daily Beijing Business Daily (Reporter Meng Fanxia Liu Yuyang) At present, in the context of a complex economic situation, small and medium-sized enterprises are generally facing difficulties in financing, expensive financing, and slow financing. The clearing of accounts owed to private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises has also become the Party […]

Under the epidemic, blockchain is expected to make up for shortcomings in social online operations

Author: Song Jiaji, Renhe Yi Summary _ Event: On February 6, the Beijing Municipal Government issued a document recommending the establishment of a blockchain-based supply chain debt and debt platform to improve financing convenience and promote the healthy development of SMEs in the epidemic-resistant stage. In order to deal with the impact of the epidemic […]

Blockchain Applications from the Perspective of Legal Persons: Taking the Judicial and Supply Chain Finance Fields as Examples

Editor's Note: The original title was "[Wanxiang Blockchain Hive Academy Dry Goods] Wang Lei: Blockchain Application from the Perspective of Legal Person" This article is the lecture of Wang Lei (Legal Director of Wanxiang Blockchain), the ninth lecture of Wanxiang Blockchain Open Course. Wang Lei has extensive experience in the fields of corporate law, financial […]

Supervision boosts Fintech innovation, blockchain application tide starts

Author: Song Jiaji, Sun Shuang Source: Keith Communication Summary CME Group officially launched an option product based on Bitcoin futures. The value of this option is based on the regulated CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate (BRR) and is settled with the actual Bitcoin futures traded. The launch of the CME Bitcoin options product reflects the […]

The first on-chain finance in 2019: how does blockchain technology land in "bank guarantee"?

Article source: 21st Century Business Herald Reporter: Bao Hui Original link: In 2019, the blockchain has attracted much attention. What will happen in 2020? Compared to artificial intelligence, 5G, IoT and other technologies that have been developed for many years, the blockchain itself has developed much faster than other technologies. Because when resources and […]

Tens of millions of investments are frequent, policy blessing: blockchain will prove value in 2020

Every reporter Panting Source: Daily Economic News In 2019, blockchain technology was mentioned several times in official documents. Against the background of the country's strong support for the development of blockchain technology, blockchain stocks in the A-share market ushered in several rounds of surge. With the successive introduction of policies for the development of blockchain, […]