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An article detailing Switzerland's cryptocurrency policy

Author: Luo Tao, Chief Compliance Counsel block chain Global Compliance Alliance, Tahota (Beijing) Law Firm, service @ Switzerland is one of the most friendly countries for encryption technology. Under the premise of compliance with current regulations, cryptocurrency projects can be legally operated here. Switzerland recognizes the potential of blockchain technology and hopes to create […]

Switzerland will make extensive amendments to blockchain regulations

Since the Swiss federal government has submitted a plan to amend the blockchain regulations to the Swiss Parliament, the Swiss blockchain regulations will be overhauled. This revision plan aims to amend the current old law related to blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT). These old rules have brought the blockchain innovation industry to a standstill. […]

Swiss regulation has changed, Libra has become a “hot potato”?

Recently, the Swiss financial market regulator (FINMA) told the media that Facebook's digital currency project Libra must accept Swiss anti-money laundering review, and the process of the project must be legally challenged before it can be carried out. "We are the most stringent in the world in the regulation of cryptocurrency money laundering." Mark Branson, […]

Babbitt column | Swiss regulation of stable coins and Libra

According to the author: Switzerland is not the first country to include stable currency in regulation, but it is the first country to provide clear regulatory guidance on stable currencies and the first country to impose specific regulatory requirements on Libra projects. How Switzerland views stable coins, how to supervise Libra projects, or permits reference […]

The Swiss Monetary Authority publishes a guide to the regulation of blockchain services. Exchanges and wallets are subject to compliance.

According to foreign media, Swiss regulators issued guidance on the regulatory requirements for financial service providers to provide blockchain payment services under the supervision of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Image source: The Swiss Financial Market Regulatory Authority (FINMA) issued a guide earlier today to guide the regulatory requirements for financial service providers […]

Preemptive New York counterparts, SIX or the first traditional exchange to issue coins

When digital currency exchanges are smashed by hackers, IEOs, etc., traditional exchanges are also trying to grab the "cake" of the encryption world, not only will issue exchange tokens, but will also be online similar to "IEO" (IDO) business. . Recently, according to Swiss media Finews, Thomas Zeeb, executive of the Swiss traditional stock exchange […]