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Opinion | Synthetic tools will become the ladder to the future of DeFi and achieve the popularity of DeFi

Author: Joel John Translation & Proofreading: Min Min & A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts Editor's note: Original title was "Introduction | Asset Synthesis in DeFi: Synthetix" Note: I have nothing to do with the Synthetix team. This article is not investment advice and should not be considered as investment advice. As of this writing, I […]

Will Synthetix be the first Defi to replace MakerDAO?

Text: Wang Ye Production: Odaily Planet Daily (ID: o-daily) Will Synthetix be the first Defi to replace MakerDAO? The crypto asset industry 2019 is called the year of DeFi by many people. According to defipulse data, in the past year, the total amount of assets pledged in various DeFi applications has increased from US $ […]

Messari founder's latest report: Is there still hope for DeFi in 2020?

Author: Messari founder Ryan Selkis translation: block rhythm BlockBeats-0x60 Original: https: // BlockBeats has been tracking decentralized financial (DeFi) projects since 2019, and has recognized its future development direction and application areas. In 2019, we have seen that MakerDAO, InstanDapp, Synthetix, Compound and other projects have achieved unknown success in the field of science popularization […]

The value of hedging is second only to MakerDao's Defi project Synthetix. What support is behind?

Author: Pakistan leek special Editor's note: The original title was "SNX, which has increased more than 30 times this year. What support is behind it?" 》 SNX's domestic attention is not high, however, SNX has increased more than 30 times this year, and its market value has rushed to about 30. Synthetix's hedging value also […]

Read the Defi popular project Synthetix in one article

Editor's Note: The original title was "Understanding Synthetix" Blue Fox Note started focusing on Synthetix in May 2019. It was not well known at the time, but its data has developed rapidly. Blue Fox Note mentioned earlier that one of the three DeFi giants (" Why DeFi is the second breakthrough in crypto history? " […]

DeFi observation for a week: stablecoins and smaller market value tokens become the next major growth point

As DeFi (Decentralized Finance) continues to spread in the blockchain industry, the Total Value Locking Measurement (TVL) has become a useful tool for measuring the progress of DeFi projects. It can also highlight the growth of the entire industry and help us determine the source of growth. According to data provided by DeFi Pulse, the […]

The lockout volume exceeds $100 million, but Synthetix has these problems.

Recently, the data of DeFi products Synthetix has been very beautiful, with a lock volume of up to 140 million US dollars, which has surpassed the familiar Compound. According to Synthetix investor Framework Venture, its positioning is currently decentralized BitMex. However, according to the actual experience, Synthetix is ​​more like a decentralized version of the […]

What is Synthetix, which is second only to MakerDAO, with more than $100 million in assets locked?

The DeFi platform Synthetix recently locked in the value of the US dollar to the second place in its class, second only to MakerDAO, whose growth is explosive, and the value of the lock has soared 60 times since February, exceeding $100 million. Vance Spencer, co-founder of Framework Ventures, which led Synthetix's latest round of […]