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In addition to "halving", you need to pay attention to these Bitcoin technologies in 2020

This article comes from toshitimes , the original author: Pedro Febrero, translator | Moni In addition to halving the block reward, do you want to know about other developments of Bitcoin in 2020? Yes, by reading this article, you have come to the right place. Blockchain is currently the # 1 job skill on LinkedIn, […]

Dry Goods | Read the Taproot / Schnorr Upgrade for Bitcoin

The author of this article is Zou Chuanwei, chief economist of Wanxiang Blockchain and PlatON. In January 2020, the Taproot / Schnorr soft fork upgrade proposal proposed by Bitcoin core developer Pieter Wuille in May last year has been officially released as a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIPs), and the relevant proposal number is BIP 340-342. […]

The Bitcoin consensus layer has not changed for two years, and these upgrades may be available this year

For more than two years, Bitcoin's consensus layer has remained unchanged. Since the launch of SegWit in August 2017, Bitcoin has not undergone a hard fork or soft fork protocol upgrade. This is the longest period of time that Bitcoin has maintained a consensus-free fork. However, this state may end soon: several backward-compatible soft forks […]

Financial Stability Board: The latest progress of large high-tech companies entering FinTech and its potential risks

Translation: Liu Bin (Director of Financial Research Office, China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Research Institute (Pudong Reform Institute), Part-time Researcher at China Europe International Business School) Collaborators: Zhaoyun De Source: Didi Technology Information

Director of Research Bureau of the People's Bank of China: Currency Competition in the Digital Age

Source: Sina Finance Editor's note: The original title was "Central Bank Wang Xin: Currency Competition in the Digital Age" Sina Finance News on December 17th, the 3rd China Internet Finance Forum 2019 was held in Beijing with the theme of "Financial Technology to Facilitate the Construction of Modern Financial System", and Wang Xin, Director of […]

CeFi and DeFi will inevitably be in a war, and the crypto economy and the traditional economy will eventually compete

Author: Ryan Sean Adams Translator: Chain to Allen DeFi (Decentralized Finance), a decentralized financial system. The DeFi concept has been particularly popular in the past two years, especially in the first half of this year. Its main features are license-free, anti-censorship, and minimized trust. However, there are still problems with a single application scenario, most […]

Opinion: How much are you willing to pay for a better social network?

A few days ago, Jack Dorsey announced that he would fund a small team to develop a decentralized social networking protocol. Many people are starting to rethink social networking. At present, the most criticized social platforms should be data privacy issues, and Facebook has become a "evil" party. At present, social network platforms will analyze […]

What can the blockchain do? 532 patents, 506 filings, 414 companies point out directions

Source: Zero One Finance Author: Ren Jundong In January of this year, the State Internet Information Office issued the "Regulations on the Management of Blockchain Information Services". The "Regulations" require that blockchain information service providers should report relevant information in the "Blockchain Information Service Filing Management System" of the National Internet Information Office Information and […]

Weekly Observation | Big Powers Fight for Blockchain Technology Heights, New York State Updates Cryptocurrency Listing Guide

Summary Event: Recently, the New York Department of Financial Services is issuing detailed instructions on how to renew its controversial virtual currency license; the SEC has issued a new rule to amend existing rules to modernize ETF supervision. New York State issued updated guidelines for the cryptocurrency listing approval framework to further standardize related processes. […]

Filecoin mainnet test, "first move" miners may be eliminated

Text: 嚯 嚯 Source: Hive Finance The Filecoin community waited for two full years, and finally looked forward to the launch of the project test network. Filecoin, a decentralized storage project that uses the interstellar file system IPFS, has been wearing an aura since its birth. This project has completed $ 205 million in financing […]