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Cryptographic currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and EOS may fall further in the short term

With Bitcoin falling sharply today (July 11), the top ten mainstream currencies have fallen, and the total value of the entire cryptocurrency market has shrunk by more than $30 billion. NewsBTC analyst Aayush Jindal said BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, EOS, ADA, XRP, TRX, XLM and BNB may fall further in the short term. In addition, […]

BTC, BCH or halving the former time has increased the latter's lead

Image source: pixabay BCH's initial mining speed is amazing, and bitcoin is far behind. Since the fork in 2017, BCH has been trying to maintain its 10-minute block time inherited from Bitcoin. The goal of bifurcation is always to maintain the same level of difficulty and speed as the Bitcoin original chain. BCH developers have […]

Holds 225,000 BTCs! Grayscale’s institutional interest in scale is declining

According to Grayscale's "Second Quarter Digital Asset Investment Report for 2019" released on July 16, the company managed more than $2.7 billion in cryptocurrency assets as of July 15, 2019. Therefore, this figure marks the fact that the assets managed by the company have nearly tripled since the last quarter. Grayscale's overall performance in the […]

Falling is not that simple! Active main force has bucked the trend to 2.05 million BTC

The number of addresses is 3EaWcuNXQrW2JTGy5Cotm4pftovW8UfR2o, the main force against the trend to buy BTC, perhaps most investors do not understand the reason for its operation, but in fact the position is indeed improving. Since the number of coins held on June 15th reached 4,433 BTCs, the number of BTCs has increased by as much […]

Analyst: In the short term, the rising space of cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and BNB may be limited.

Analyst Aayush Jindal said today (July 17) that "short-term cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, BCH, EOS and XLM may be limited." At the same time, the analyst analyzed the recent market performance of BCH, BNB, LTC and TRX. He pointed out that yesterday BCH tested the resistance level of 320 US dollars, but […]

BTC accelerates, and whether the altcoin should be cleared

Since entering June, the price of BTC has reached a new high every few days. However, most of the competition coins and altcoins in the market have not outperformed the BTC, which caused some investors to have some doubts and even anxiety. I have asked: The arrival of the bull market, there are a lot […]

Giant whales raised 96,600 BTC quotes or exceeded expectations again

From the average transaction amount in the figure, with the strong rebound of BTC in the near future, the average transaction amount per transaction has also rebounded sharply. The amount of each transaction is large, indicating that the investor's financial strength is very strong. This shows that the main fund is likely to determine the […]

40% of the altcoin losses exceed 90%, can BTC return to 12000 to drive the market?

Second, BTC's market share reached 64%, a new high In the past 24 hours, BTC once again stood at 12,000 US dollars, BTC's market share increased to 64%, the highest since May 2017, Altcoins' share has gradually decreased to 36%, can not be consistent with the BTC's increase. At the end of May, BTC had […]

Analysis | BTC is at the end of the triangle convergence, ushered in the trend of change

According to the Huobi market, BTC is currently reporting $11,386.85, an increase of 1.47% during the day. In response to the current trend, analyst Potter said that the daily trend, BTC is still in the early stage of the $ 5,200 start to the current long-term upward trend line running, after the highest upward pin […]

No fear of bad! The BTC bull market features become more and more obvious, and the opportunity to make up the altcoin has not come yet.

Ethereum broke two major positives on Saturday: CME has plans to conduct a survey on the Ethereum reference exchange rate and index in the near future. Some analysts said that this implies that CME has plans to launch ETH futures. Another good thing is the researcher Justin Drake from Ethereum 2.0. According to his research, […]