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About Token Classification Act, Libra, and SEC: Interview with Kristin Smith, Director of External Affairs, Blockchain Association

This article from the Finance Yahoo , the original author: Daniel Kuhn Odaily Planet Daily Translator: Moni 2019 is coming to an end, and Kristin Smith, head of external affairs at the Blockchain Association, headquartered in Washington, D.C., shares his views on blockchain and the state of the world. By bringing together different projects, investors, […]

Leader of Tencent blockchain technology: Excellent blockchain application scenarios need to meet three dimensions

Source of this article: International Financial News Author: Yu Jichao "What kind of scenario does the blockchain solve? It was originally a question of uncertainty. But we can identify its application scenarios from three completely independent dimensions." Recently, Wang Zongyou, head of Tencent's blockchain technology, is in China Electronics Technology Said at the Blockchain Standards […]

What kind of organization is the "super ledger" scrambled by the tech giants?

In the blockchain world, we often hear or see the word "Hyperledger", and we can always see some star companies announce high-profile announcements to join the "Super Ledger", such as Ant Financial, IBM, Huawei, Intel, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc., seemingly labeled as "super ledger" means that the company has become a special force in the blockchain […]

Babbitt column | "cottage coin" killed by a stick

I. Introduction I read the article of lightning Huang Shiliang two days ago. The article is very interesting. The title is "Why should I study the "cottage" coin", which mentions a deed, that is, he spent 10,000 yuan to buy 100 kinds of altcoins, each A cottage currency bought 100 yuan, the purpose is to […]

Introduction to Technology | Solidity Programming Language: Boolean and Integer

HelloWorld A smart contract is like a contract, and every code you write is the content of a contract. Therefore, once the contract is deployed, the content of the contract cannot be modified. It is like you can't modify it after you signed a contract with someone else. This is also based on the intangible […]

Media giants march into the blockchain! The New York Times will use blockchain technology to crack down on fake news

In this era of information explosion, in addition to the official media, there are many unscrupulous media and unregulated self-media always try to attract people's attention. It is not easy for the masses to hear the real voice. The harm of fake news Sex is also becoming more prominent.   Listen to the theory more, […]

Brazil completes its first real estate transaction based on blockchain technology

The transaction led by local construction giant Cyrela and startup Growth Tech uses IBM Blockchain technology. The first real estate transaction through blockchain technology has been completed in Brazil. Local construction giant Cyrela and startup Growth Tech under the Notary Ledgers project, which enables users to request and track notary services in a digital environment. […]

Siemens plans to integrate blockchain technology into shared cars

Image source: visualhunt Andreas Kind, head of network security and blockchain at Siemens Corporate Technology, said Siemens hopes to integrate blockchain technology into the shared automotive industry through its subsidiary Siemens Mobility in. According to the Enterprise CarShare website, car sharing refers to an industry that uses or rents cars for a short period of […]

Noah's wealth of 3.4 billion big thunder detonated, DeFi has come!

This week, there has been a major event in the financial market. Perhaps you have learned from various channels that Noah Wealth and Chengxing Holdings’ 3.4 billion debt financing and thundering related articles. The author is a 10-year traditional financial practitioner and district. Blockchain enthusiasts, based on their understanding of the blockchain DEFI and traditional […]

Blockchain trading platform technology provider raised $15 million

New York-based capital market trading platform blockchain technology providers have raised $15 million in Series A financing. AlphaPoint provides trading and asset digitization technology to customers worldwide, including major exchange operators such as CME Group and private equity firm Muirfield Investment Partners to launch trading platforms and digital assets. Financial technology companies cover a wide […]