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Operators accelerate the deployment of blockchain, and the 1 billion output value in the telecommunications blockchain field is about to be released?

Author: Yanyao Ping Source: Shallot Blockchain Blockchain industry tide is coming, operators bring 5G strength to assist In the new wave of digital economy upgrading, the competition in the blockchain highlands is intensifying. "5G and the blockchain are mutually empowering. 5G aims to realize the interconnection of all things, and the blockchain is intended to […]

Interpretation of the head of China Telecom's blockchain business R & D: Why do telecom operators do blockchain?

Editor's note: The original title was "China Telecom Liang Wei: Interpreting the 4 Most Important Issues in the Blockchain World" "If the chip is stuck by someone else, then we are indistinguishable from the United States in the field of blockchain." Liang Wei, head of R & D of China Telecom's blockchain business, said. Recently, […]

South Korea blockchain enters fast lane: SM, Kakao, Samsung, LG and other giants ALL IN

In mid-September, SM, one of the three major entertainment companies in South Korea, announced its “currency” plan, which detonated the “coin circle” and “rice circle”. At this time, the mutual chain pulse observation, the Korean giant enterprise in the field of blockchain development, is far more than the SM family. On September 3, South Korean […]

China Telecom SIM card to kill cold, hot wallet, blockchain mobile phone still has no fire to cool?

Digital asset cold, hot wallets, and blockchain phones that are in the midst of the stagnation are welcoming strong competitors. At the recent Chongqing Zhibo Conference, China Telecom released the "5G era blockchain smartphone white paper" (hereinafter referred to as "white paper"), and announced that it is developing a blockchain digital asset management system based […]

Heavy | China Telecom Releases 5G Era Blockchain Smartphone White Paper

On August 27th, at the 2019 China International Intelligent Industry Expo, the China Telecom Blockchain and Digital Economy Joint Lab released the White Paper on Blockchain Smart Phones in the 5G Times (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”). The white paper describes a blockchain application ecosystem created by China Telecom, which uses the unique […]