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After a year of silence, what changes have happened to the Netease blockchain? | Interview with Babbitt

“The blockchain uses technical means to build a trust base. Through new synergy and connection models and new value distribution methods, new product, operation and business models will be created. The blockchain is still not perfect, but there is no limit in the future. ” On November 23, the “ 2019 NetEase Future Conference ” […]

Galaxy Digital will launch new bitcoin fund in November

According to Cointelegraph's October 25 report, Michael Novogratz, former hedge fund manager and CEO and chairman of Galaxy Digital, a credit investment bank, said in an interview with CNBC that the company is building a new bitcoin fund. (Source: Unsplash ) Novogratz mentioned the new fund On October 24, Novogratz hinted that Galaxy Digital Asset […]

Speed ​​reading | 5 sentences summarizing Vitalik's ETH2.0 series blog post, Nic Carter talks about the evolution of bitcoin as a safe-haven asset

Today's content includes: 1 and 5 sentences summarize the ETH2.0 blog post that Vitalik recently updated wildly 2, Coinbase CEO: "Our profit has already exceeded the money from VC, the government should accept Libra" 3. Nic Carter talks about the evolution of Bitcoin as a safe-haven asset 4. The first year of the Decred governance […]

Google, Internet Stock and Ethereum

Author: Anthony Bertolino Edit: Summer Source: Unitimes After the Internet bubble dust settled, we witnessed the rise of the unique Internet companies from the ashes, bringing great value to users. Not only does this attract hundreds of millions of users, but it also translates into a significant increase in the price of the underlying stock. […]

BiClub realizes full automation of OTC platform and helps build a large-scale digital asset financial service system

In the early hours of Beijing time yesterday, BiClub ( , WeChat biclubcom) team has completed a key step in the OTC automated trading – functional testing of automatic payment. At this point, BiClub's OTC platform has been able to support the full automation of the acceptor, including automatic collection of money and automatic […]

Let the transaction speed reach 1 million TPS in the future, and the Ethereum expansion solution officially released

Fuel Labs released Fuel in the blog yesterday, which is the second largest blockchain platform Ethereum's alternative expansion solution. The project is expected to pass a security review soon to ensure its security and go live on the main network. Image source: Fuel Labs is a non-profit organization made up of a handful of Ethereum […]

Bitcoin options are coming, will Bakkt help or help?

Author: Sister shallot Source: Shallot blockchain On October 24th, Bakkt announced that it will launch the world's first option contract based on Bitcoin futures on December 9 this year. Bakkt said on Twitter: “The Bakkt Bitcoin options contract will be based on the benchmark Bakkt monthly Bitcoin futures contract and represent another important step in […]

Staking Economics: Avoiding the centralization of network power, how does “reverse incentives” work?

Author: stakefish Source: stakefish Editor's Note: The original title is "Avoiding the centralization of network power, how does "reverse incentives" work? 》 The issue of power concentration faced by various blockchain networks has been a topic of extensive discussion among researchers and currency holders. In fact, this is also an important issue in the eyes […]