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Market Analysis Report: Bitcoin shocks down, market sentiment is stable

Previous review BTC: This week, BTC basically completed the rebound trend. In the short term, it entered the downside range. The power of many parties has not been completely lost. It will go out of a turbulent trend, but the overall trend of the market is still dominated by bearishness. The BTC is currently down […]

Is it time for the exchange to access the lightning network transaction?

Bitcoin evangelist Pierre Rochard launched a vote on Twitter to discuss whether Lightning Networks is suitable for bitcoin transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges. Supporters of the Lightning Network believe that this is a good fit for cryptocurrency exchanges. Recently, the exchange has had a great deal of suspicion about inflows, especially after a series of 51% […]

Viewpoints | From smart contracts to never-ending codes, how should Ethereum go towards compliance?

Osaka, Japan (OSAKA), Ethereum Foundation researcher Vlad Zamfir gave a clear warning at the previous Devcon5 conference: developers need to start thinking about Ethereum compliance issues, rather than hope that after Ethereum grows The government has to accept it (so-called "big but not down"). Behind him is Osaka Bay. He gave a speech in an […]

Getting Started | What is an aggregate transaction? What are the operating principles and advantages?

Recently, the concept of aggregate transactions has been repeatedly mentioned, how is aggregated trading realized? Where is its advantage?   01 Principle of realization of aggregate transactions The aggregation trading platform is not a native platform, but uses API technology to integrate transaction data of other digital currency platforms, thus forming a platform that can […]

The bullish investment logic of the cottage currency: Why should we choose "digital gold" and "coin ring Moutai"?

If we believe that there will be a big bull market next, then we should hold two kinds of assets: one is bitcoin, and the other is mainstream platform coins like HT and BNB. If you are a risk-seeking investor who wants to fight, you can buy some altcoins. Is it a bull market now? […]