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In the era of negative interest rates, the USDT status is not guaranteed?

Author: Hash school – Adeline 0 interest rate is coming, will "negative interest rate" still be far behind?   Under the US dollar liquidity crisis caused by the continuous meltdown of the US stock market and large fluctuations in the financial market, the Fed hit a "loose combination punch" on the afternoon of March 15th. […]

Nearly 1.2 billion additional shares issued in 15 days, USDT starts "unlimited banknote printing" mode

March was a black month for the crypto market. Corresponding to half the price of Bitcoin was a significant premium in USDT and an "unlimited" additional offering. According to Whale Alert data, since March 12, Tether has issued at least 18 additional USDTs, of which the number of single additional issuances is mainly 60 million […]

USDT's 8-day additional issuance record: an additional 540 million was issued. Where did the money go?

Source: Beijing Lian'an Editor's Note: The original title was "An additional 540 million yuan was issued. The USDT's 8-day additional issuance record is all that. Where did the money go?" 》 "Shuangyu" is not enough! In March, TEDA ’s additional issuance of USDT reached a point of “outrageousness”. Speaking of TEDA ’s history of USDT […]

Is it time to buy the bottom? Tether has added 60 million USDT inventory

The price of Bitcoin has fallen by 17.16% in the past two days, shocking the entire market, but at the same time as the cryptocurrency market has fallen, the stock market has also fallen sharply. Most cryptocurrency users see the drop in Bitcoin as a buying opportunity, and we have seen Tether Treasury issue an […]