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DeFi pattern or big change, Tether announces entry into DeFi, integrates Lightning loan agreement Aave

The stablecoin giant Tether finally decided to enter the world of DeFi. Tether's CTO Paolo Ardoino On March 10, Tether, the issuer of the stablecoin USDT, officially announced the integration of the DeFi loan agreement Aave. Aave enables customers to make loans using flash loans, a new type of loan product that allows users to […]

DeFi week selection 丨 DeFi cannibalizing PoS security? Vitalik debates with researchers

This week's most noticeable DeFi world is a technical research paper published by Gauntlet CEO Tarun Chitra, which concluded that on-chain lending and other (DeFi) activities can affect the security of PoS networks. Dragonsee's partner Haseeb Qureshi simplified and refined the paper, which sparked widespread discussion. Specific content can refer to here: How does DeFi […]

USDT Alchemy: Concealment, Additional Issues, and Manipulation

Text: 嚯 嚯 Source: Hive Finance There is not much information on how the Dutch Ludovicus Jan van der Wilde, the Italian Jancano Devassini and the New Yorker Philip Porter met, but from 2013 Bitcoin created an opportunity for them to work together. In May 2014, the "Wiley Robot Scandal" that emerged after Mt.Gox's bankruptcy […]

Data Analysis | Tether Manipulation Behavior Is Not the Reason for the Bitcoin Bull Market in 2017

Source / LongHash Recently, an academic paper claimed that Tether's manipulation led to the 2017 bitcoin bull market, which attracted the attention of all parties. This paper was originally published in 2018, but has recently added some new analysis. According to the personal website of Prof. John Griffin of the University of Texas at Austin […]

The "USDT Collective Claims", which has attracted worldwide attention, is inseparable | full text translation

Translation, annotation: lawyers Xu Kai and Wang Gang of Beijing Deheng Law Firm Source: Carbon chain value Translator's description: This is the second time that we have translated the lawsuits of the cryptocurrency community after translating Klein v. White [the genus of Nakamoto and the million bitcoin]. This article is a class action lawsuit filed […]

Anxious USDT, catching up with rookies, where is the stable currency road?

Original: A poplar tree Source: vernacular blockchain In the market where Stabilization Coin is competing for the market, it is mainly divided into two main directions: legal asset custody and digital asset mortgage. Among them, the former is based on first-mover advantage and historical factors, both in market share and users. Habitually, they are all […]

Tether said the USDT stable currency has been fully supported by its reserves

Author: Liang CHE Source: than push Tether, the issuer of the US dollar stable currency USDT, which has the highest market value, issued a statement on Thursday saying that its USDT stable currency is now fully supported by its reserves. Tether’s statement echoes John Griffin, a professor of finance at the University of Texas […]

Tether's latest response "Single Whales Drive 2017 BTC Rise": Defective, nonsense, insult to the community

Just now, Bitfinex officially posted a blog saying that we have reviewed and analyzed the papers updated by John Griffin of the University of Texas and Amin Shams of Ohio State University. They said that a single whale boosted Bitcoin's surge in 2017. But the updated papers by Griffin and Shams are still flawed and […]

Babbitt column | Cai Kailong: Bitcoin prices are manipulated! Do you dare to hold it?

Author: Cai Kailong If the bitcoin price proves to be manipulated, do you dare to hold it? Does institutional investment dare to vote? Is the regulator reluctant to let ordinary investors join the digital currency investment boom? A recent study demonstrating the manipulation of bitcoin prices, to be published in the Journal of Finance, the […]

Tether's large volume of transactions doubles in a week, and multiple data creates history

Source: Shallot blockchain According to data released by data analysis website IntoTheBlock, in the past week, the total amount of USDT transactions with a single transaction amount of more than 100,000 US dollars exceeded 7.3 billion US dollars, which was up 109.82% compared with the previous week. The continued growth of this transaction has been […]