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Cao Yin: Can Tezos open a new DeFi situation with tzBTC?

On April 8th, the Swiss Bitcoin Association, the Tezos Foundation and several partners jointly announced that it will issue tzBTC, another tokenized bitcoin, on Tezos, but this time on Tezos. According to a press release from the association, the asset will become the first tool for DeFi based on Tezos. "TzBTC brings bitcoin's brand and […]

Babbitt Exclusive | Staking + DeFi + DAO, the rough collision of complex transactions and simple governance

Recently, the author has seen two messages in succession. Because the names are very similar, they almost confuse me. Message 1: Jonas Lamis, CEO of Tezos Capital, founded Staker DAO, and holders of Staker Token (STKR) will generate value from the DeFi agreement. Message 2: Stake service provider Stake Capital launches Stake DAO, announcing that […]

Coinbase becomes Tezos' largest verification node, will it be a new trend for exchanges?

Original: Cryptopotato , original author: Jordan Lyanchev Source: Odaily Planet Daily, Translator: Yu Shunsui According to a recent report, Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, has become the largest verification node for Tezos (XTZ). This makes one wonder whether the verification by the exchange will become the next trend in the cryptocurrency […]

One article compares the degree of centralization of governance on the chain: MakerDAO, Decred, Tezos

Author: Nate Maddrey and Coin Metrics team Translator: Barley Source: Satoshi Shinmoto Editor's Note: The original title was "Original Title: Comparing the Centralization of Sanxiong on the Chain: MakerDAO, Decred, Tezos" Coin Metrics explored the topic of "on-chain and off-chain governance" in the 29th Network Watch, introduced three mainstream projects using on-chain governance: MakerDAO, Decred, […]

Coinbase Early Product Manager: Learn Crypto Corporate Governance from ZCash, Tezos, Melon

Original title: Crypto Corporate Governance Written by: Linda Xie, co-founder of blockchain investment agency Scalar Capital, early product manager at Coinbase Compilation: Perry Wang Source: Chain News Disappointed with the information on the corporate structure of the cryptocurrency industry on the market, I decided to analyze some of the high-profile projects myself to see how […]

The Swiss Stock Exchange is based on the XTZ-based ETP, and investors can get XTZ staking income.

Swiss Stock Exchange SIX on Thursday announced the launch of a tezos (XTZ) token-based exchange-traded product (ETP), which allows investors to obtain the proceeds of the underlying asset XTZ token during the staking process. The new ETP is being issued by the financial technology company Amun AG in cooperation with the Tezos Foundation. The stock […]