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On the Equity of Currency Stocks and Token Economy: How to Coordinate to Generate Synergy

Author: village two old Recently, the topic of the application of the alliance chain has been discussed on the Internet. In particular, there are many colleagues in the research and expression of the combination of the blockchain in the seven directions of China's new infrastructure. New infrastructure (new infrastructure construction) includes seven major areas including […]

Zou Pingzuo of the Central Bank Institute of Gold: Token economy is the most important target tool for the future market

Source of this article: Financial Institute 1 Author: Xing Meng On March 22, Zou Pingzu, chief researcher of the People's Bank of China's Institute of Finance, published a paper " Research on Market-oriented Synergy and Big Data Mechanisms of Monetary Policy" . The article points out that an important sign that the world economy is […]

The company system enters the dusk token economy and the future is expected

Since the establishment of the East India Company in the 16th century, the corporate system has largely changed the way human society collaborates. People have gradually evolved from a decentralized, inefficient, and primitive collaboration method to a centralized, centralized, and efficient collaboration method. After hundreds of years of evolution, the power of the company has […]

Meng Yan: Digital Economy Upgrading Leads to New Global Competition, Blockchain Opens New Chapter in Digital Civilization

On December 22, the 2019 Digital Assets and Blockchain Annual Conference and China Investment Association Digital Asset Research Center Inauguration Conference was held in Beijing. Ms. Yan Yan, deputy director of the Digital Asset Research Institute, gave a wonderful speech entitled "Digital Assets is the Core of Digital Economy Upgrade". The following is a compilation […]

Wanxiang Innovation Energy City Wang Yunwei: Building a smart city to test the token economy

At the 2nd Global Blockchain Summit in 2016, Wanxiang Group announced an investment of 200 billion yuan and joined hands with many innovative institutions to build a smart town in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, namely Wanxiang Innovation Energy City. This is a smart city driven by blockchain technology, relying on cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, […]