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Babbitt column | How to identify the quality of a token? High frequency, rigid demand, big market

The token is the most representative thing in the blockchain world. Some people joked that it is the token that divides the blockchain project and the Internet project into two: with the token, there are many traditional Internet projects, which will change from one to the other. It has become a blockchain project; without a […]

Looking at the crypto market from the stock market: What can we learn from the uneven distribution of capital?

Text: Nic Carter Compilation: Coin Trust Research Institute Editor's Note: The original title was "Learned from the uneven distribution of capital" As the cryptocurrency market continues to shift from a retail-focused, unrestricted global altcoin casino to a more constrained and regulated environment, it is necessary to narrow the scope and consider the long-term distribution results […]

Babbitt column | stocks inward, tokens outward

I. Introduction Token is a very interesting thing in the blockchain field. It can be said that it is because of the existence of the token that our blockchain industry currently looks like a large-scale industry because the number of blockchain participants is no longer Not much. But if there is no "interest temptation" of […]

How to correctly understand DAO tokens?

With the commercialization of DAO, DAO's economic model has begun to be discussed by more and more people. What economic model should DAO design to meet the needs of investment and even speculation without violating the essence of DAO? First of all, we should sort out the DAO token and have a correct understanding of […]

The most expensive ERC-1155 NFT ever released, worth $ 102,000

A non-homogeneous token (NFT) with Dogecoin as its theme seems to be the most expensive ERC-1155 coin available. This NFT is supported by 1,155,777.1 ENJ (Enjin)-as of press time, it is worth $ 102,057.66. This NFT is called "It's good to be the King". It was born on March 1 to pay tribute to Dogecoin […]

Tokenized securities say it's easy, but CBDC is in trouble? What does the latest BIS report say

Original source: Yahoo! Finance , Author: Danny Nelson Compilation: Odaily Planet Daily Moni One of the most important tasks for BIS researchers, the central bank's central bank, is to plan for a better future for global payments, and they have spent a lot of time in their latest quarterly report. related question. This Basel-based financial […]

Comprehensive interpretation: What is the impact and value of the US SEC Commissioner's "Token Safe Harbor Proposal"?

Source: 01 Blockchain Editor's Note: The original title was "A Comprehensive Interpretation of the Impact and Value of the" Token Safe Harbor Proposal " On February 6, 2020, Hester Peirce, a member of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (hereinafter referred to as the SEC), presented a theme entitled "Running On Empty: A Proposal […]

Ronaldo is followed by Messi, FC Barcelona will issue fan tokens

FC Barcelona, played by star Lionel Messi , will partner with Chiliz to issue blockchain -based fan tokens . According to Bloomberg, as one of the most popular football clubs in the world, FC Barcelona is expected to issue tokens for fans' interactive platforms in the second quarter of this year. Time Coin holders will […]

Why do most of the token economic projects you see fail?

Tokens are the soul of blockchains. Blockchains without tokens are incomplete chains. The concept of a token economy has emerged around tokens. It is hailed as having unlimited potential and is a changer in production relations in the new era. However, most of the token economic items that can be seen have failed. This article […]

Next reversal: The number of DAOs exceeds the number of Tokens

DAO can be a community, DAO can be an ecosystem, and DAO can also be a type of investment model. The possibility that DAO brings us will far exceed Token .   There are currently 1500+ tokens and 50 DAOs across the globe (across Molochs, Aragon, DAOstack, and a single DAO Token). This is the […]