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U.S. SEC proposes amendments to securities issue exemption rules involving token issuance

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has voted to propose a set of rule changes to streamline and refine the "patchwork" rules used to waive securities issuance. Source: Pixabay The proposed rule changes aim to improve the existing "complex and chaotic" framework and make it easier for companies to launch products that still […]

Coin Metrics: USDT market usage is optimistic, tokens transfer on average every 8 days

According to Cointelegraph reported on February 1, the latest data from the crypto data website Coin Metrics shows that the USDT tokens move very frequently, with an average transfer every 8 days. Image source: flickr On January 31, Coin Metrics posted on its Twitter account that "12 months of tracking data show that since September […]

There is a strong correlation between BTC price movements and active addresses, but not all tokens.

You may think that the most active blockchain network of tokens is also the most demanding. But is this really the case? How close is the relationship between token prices and their network activity? To find out, LongHash analyzed daily price data and address data for the top 18 tokens (excluding stable coins) on Coin […]

How to understand "token economics"?

Foreword: With the evolution of blockchain projects, the exploration of more scenarios, the encryption economy model is also evolving. One is to consider compliance with regulations, and the other is to consider how to promote the development of the network through tokens, and then capture the network value. . There are a lot of details […]

US Montana legislation recognizes functional token exemption securities laws, and global regulation goes one step further

Abstract: This week, the currency market continued to fluctuate, but the transaction was still active. Montana legislation in the United States recognizes that a functional Token is not considered a security and can only be used for consumption. Singapore's securities-based token platform is included in the Sandbox supervision sandbox, and the joint efforts of capital […]