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Telegram CEO: TON no longer retains any tokens after TON is released, and has now stopped spending resources on development and testing

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov testified about the company's alleged violation of U.S. securities laws during a $ 1.7 billion Gram token sale in 2018. Source: Pixabay According to the relevant court order, this statement was held on January 7 and January 8, and was held by a court reporter designated by the US Securities and […]

Telegram official reminder: Gram won't help you get rich

This article is from the official Telegram blog , translator of Odaily Planet Daily | Yu Shunsui On January 6, Telegram officially released "Announcement on TON Blockchain and Gram", the original text is as follows: You may have heard that since 2017, the Telegram team has been developing a new blockchain platform, the TON blockchain […]

Foreign media: court documents show that New York Mellon Bank and Credit Suisse participate in Telegram's $ 1.7 billion token sale

According to reports, two global financial giants, BNY Mellon and Credit Suisse, participated in Telegram's $ 1.7 billion Gram (GRAM) token sale in 2018. Source: Pixabay According to Coindesk citing a December 10 court filing, Telegram informed its investors that the company is using BNY Mellon and Credit Suisse to transfer and store fiat money […]

On the eve of the currency, who buried the invisible bomb for the Telegram?

Text | Aloe Produced | Odaily Planet Daily The field of cryptocurrency and blockchain is experiencing “cleaning up” by US regulation. Telegram Open Network, the blockchain project of Telegram, the world's largest encrypted chat software, was also hit by the US SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) with a pause button, facing the possibility of […]

Insight into the project at the end of the month TON: the public beta time is extremely short, and there is continuous selling pressure on the token.

HASH CIB, which provides financial solutions for the encrypted digital asset market, has published a detailed report of the Telegram Open Network (hereinafter referred to as TON). The HASH CIB blog has recently added a lot of insight into the current status of TON. These include: The existing TON blockchain has limited functionality and is […]

Was brought to court by the SEC, TON shouted: the past one and a half years have been trying to communicate without results

Last Saturday, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) suddenly announced that Telegram's $1.7 billion token sale was illegal, filed a temporary restraining order against two of its ICO entities, and accused of selling unregistered securities. Today, the development team of Telegram Open Network (TON) responded to investors. In a letter from Telegram to investors, […]

The Ethereum killer was born? What is Telegram's TON blockchain?

More than a month after the official release of the Telegram TON blockchain, Telegram's first cryptocurrency project will be one of the biggest threats to Ethereum to date. Image source: In recent years, many potential assassins have lined up to kill Ethereum, the world's largest smart contract zone platform, but none of them succeeded. However, […]

Telegram blockchain network will be compatible with Ethereum

The new blockchain project of the messaging service provider Telegram will be compatible with Ethereum. According to Coindesk, Telegram will release a node code that will run on the Telegram Open Network (TON) on Sunday, allowing users to try out their projects before the project's expected main network release on October 31. TON Labs, which […]

To save $1.7 billion, Telegram will release the TON blockchain code on September 1.

On August 30th, according to two people familiar with the matter, Coindesk revealed that Russian social media giant Telegram (Telegram) is expected to release the node running code of its blockchain project TON on September 1. One of the insiders was affiliated with TON Labs (a technology company founded by Telegram token investors), and another […]

These five will soon be airborne TOP50 valuation "big chunks", is the scorpion is a horse? Pull out

Original: Five fireball masters "Teacher, World of Warcraft wants to open a nostalgic service! Do you know?" The soldiers rushed to find me. "Know, I miss the age of 45, which can only be upgraded a few times a day…" I fell into the first batch of beta players more than 10 years ago, and […]