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The central bank's trading gold blockchain platform helps corporate financing, and national project support breaks through development difficulties

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Yu Source: Xinhuanet Trade finance is a complex scene spanning multiple subjects and multiple links, involving a wide range of industries and long transaction chains, and requires mutual trust and sharing. In order to break the silo of information and improve the level of mutual trust and facilitation of trade […]

The global buying and buying of the Expo, cross-border trade opportunities in the blockchain

Author: Wang Qiao Source: Zinc Link The Expo is the vane of cross-border trade. The blockchain is regarded as a breakthrough in core technology and is becoming an important underlying technology for China to build a global trading system. On November 5th, the second session of China Expo, which represented China's active integration into economic […]

Research Report | Blockchain in Global Trade: Revitalizing International Business in the Digital Age

The Firecoin Blockchain Application Institute and the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) released the research report "The Blockchain in Global Trade – Revitalizing International Business in the Digital Age."

2019 blockchain landing application report: cross-border trade

In August 2019, both the United States and Thailand issued plans to test the use of blockchain procedures for tracking and managing shipments. The US Customs and Borders Administration (CBP) plans to test blockchain technology to determine if distributed books can and how to improve existing processes. In addition, Thailand's plan is to use IBM's […]