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In Africa, I see the future of digital assets

In this era, there is no shortage of courageous entrepreneurs. When the blockchain comes with the storm, they are like a banner and stand alone in this great storm. Jin Huayue is one of these many blockchain entrepreneurs. Jin Huayue is the founder, serial entrepreneur and angel investor of the cross-chain wallet Theia. He has […]

Blockchain games are breaking out, where is the future of investment? | Hangzhou Blockchain Game Forum

Whether it is a distributed ledger, a consensus mechanism, or a smart contract, blockchain technology has become a "place for military strategists" because of its strong application prospects in games. What is the status quo and dilemma of blockchain games? Where is the next point of the blockchain game? What are the investment opportunities for […]

In-depth talk about the logic of buying platform coins

In fact, I have been recommending platform coins since the beginning of this year. Compared with the huge uncertainty of mainstream currencies, platform coins are more secure for ordinary users. (Of course, these positions and bitcoins are to be separated). Let me want to write this article because I saw a report: Platform currency's performance […]

Goldman Sachs CEO: We have never planned to open a digital currency trading platform

The hearing gathered the CEOs of the seven largest US banks. Talking about the high paying of Wall Street bankers and whether they have become more responsible in the 10 years since the large-scale bank subsidies funded by taxpayers in 2009. "We have never planned to set up a digital currency exchange" At the hearing, […]