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Can I withdraw the chain transaction only by paying 0.5 yuan? This brings endless trouble to DApp.

In life, fraud is hard to prevent. The scammers firmly grasp the victim's psychological activities, pretending to be the identity of the public prosecution law to break through the victim's psychological defense line, and then arbitrarily arbitrarily arbitrarily let the victims hand over their own money. When the victims react, the scammers have already escaped. […]

Russian smelting giant Nornickel will launch digital trading platform by the end of 2019

   According to the Russian Tas news agency reported on July 9, Russian mining and smelting giant Nornickel plans to launch a metal trading digital platform by the end of 2019. Nornickel Vice President Andrey Bugrov said in an interview with Tass, "The preparation process is quite long, but in any case, we plan to […]

Singapore tax authorities propose to remove cryptocurrency transactions from GST taxation

Translator: Play the coin family ElaineHu The Singapore government tax agency proposes to remove cryptocurrency transactions from the Goods and Services Tax (GST) taxation on the grounds that they function or target as a medium of exchange. Last Friday, the Singapore Revenue Agency (IRAS) issued a draft e-tax guide that provided tax guidance for what […]

Brazil completes its first real estate transaction based on blockchain technology

The transaction led by local construction giant Cyrela and startup Growth Tech uses IBM Blockchain technology. The first real estate transaction through blockchain technology has been completed in Brazil. Local construction giant Cyrela and startup Growth Tech under the Notary Ledgers project, which enables users to request and track notary services in a digital environment. […]

Spam attack? Bitcoin average block size suddenly soared to more than 3MB

The blockchain verification platform VeriBlock completed nearly 25% of online bitcoin (BTC) transactions within 24 hours of July 14, the company confirmed on social media. VeriBlock used its own "Proof-of-Proof" protocol to verify the blockchain using Bitcoin's computing power, and launched the main network implementation in March. The service allows miners to compete for block […]

Analysis: The legendary 3 am – 12 noon is not the best trading session for Bitcoin

According to LongHash's article release today, the data shows that in the past two years, zero and one o'clock in the morning were the biggest fluctuations in bitcoin prices. Especially at 1 am UTC time (9:00 Beijing time), the daily maximum price and the daily minimum price appear more often than other time periods. This […]