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Opera will add native support for the TRON blockchain in its browser

In addition, the new integration can also use TRON-driven dapps and tokens locally in the browser. Opera will also add support for TRON TRX and other TRC standard tokens in its built-in desktop and mobile cryptocurrency wallets (both available for iOS and Android). Cryptographic currency “We are very pleased that Opera, a mainstream browser with […]

The dark night is approaching, DApp rivers and lakes staged a realistic version of "Wolfman Kill"

There is a rule in the "Wolfman Kill" game. "Wolfman" can kill people at night in the night. In the daytime, he can evade the identification of "civilians" through eloquence, and eventually win the victory of all "civilians" on both sides. In the past two days, DApp has produced a real version of "Wolfman Kill". […]

The battle of the three major chains: Ethereum temporarily lags behind the competition or reverses at the end of the year

After 2018 years of demons, the industry entered a cold winter, but slowly returned to rationality. After the baptism of 2018, the battle of the public chain focused on ETH, EOS, and TRX. These three public chains are currently the most popular public chains in the world, each claiming to be the next generation blockchain […]

Wave field TRON small class | Lesson 64: The history of the development of blockchain games

When it comes to games, each of us seems to have more or less a connection with the word. Before the Internet became popular, many people were playing cassette games, board games, and stand-alone games. After the Internet became popular, from Snake to Lianlian, from Plants vs. Zombies to League of Legends, from King Glory […]