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Forbes: Trump decides Bitcoin price trend in 2020

This week Forbes wrote that next year's US presidential Trump election and the Sino-US trade war will determine the price of Bitcoin. According to the article, the price of bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the highest market value, is related to the Sino-US trade war. At present, Sino-U.S. Trade negotiations have made progress, so the price […]

The world is taking a path that has not been passed: The President of the United States does not support Facebook Libra, is it true?

Introduction On July 11, 2019, US President Trump made a speech on Libra on Twitter, sparking some heated discussions. Later, many people published articles that he opposed Libra and that the views were consistent with the opposition of the Congress. From his Twitter content, it seems that there is a negative sentence, but if you […]

US President Donald Trump said he "does not like" bitcoin

   Donald J. Trump said on Twitter on Thursday that he "does not like" cryptocurrencies, saying they are "not money," and when he made his first public comment on cryptocurrency since he became president of the United States It is their price fluctuation relative to the US dollar. Trump also criticized Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency project […]

Blockchain Weekly | US SEC issues Trump to question cryptocurrency through two compliant tokens

PANews Weekly 7.8-7.14 Overview: Chinese central bank officials, Fed chairman and other officials continue to express Libra; US President Trump issued a question on the value of cryptocurrency; Iranian central bank deputy governor said that trading Bitcoin illegal; coin security destruction team BNB caused controversy; Matrixport officially launched Beta version, cooperation The partners are all […]

Starting today, the game between Bitcoin and the traditional world goes to the next stage.

Yesterday, there was one thing that swept the social media in the domestic and foreign currency circles. Perhaps it was not just the currency circle. It should be said that all the social media of technology and finance were screened. That is: the US President evaluated Bitcoin. Of course, Trump’s evaluation method is still “tweet”. […]

Trump first commented on bitcoin, the central bank's digital currency is approaching or bringing good

Today, US President Trump first published tweets about "bitcoin" and "cryptocurrency" during his tenure, responding to Facebook's issuance of its own currency. This is the general trend. Governments around the world have responded to the rise of cryptocurrencies, some of which respond to this trend by issuing their own digital currency. An official of the […]

Trump secretly Powell: No one knows digital currency better than I do.

Two years ago, US President Trump announced Powell as the chairman of the Federal Reserve in the Rose Garden outside the White House and said that he chose Powell because "he is strong, very determined, very smart"; two years later, Trump accused Powell, gun The Fed seems to have become a commonplace thing. All of […]

Trump Trump: Data shows that "air" bitcoin wins over the dollar

Today, US President Trump commented on Bitcoin and Facebook Libra for the first time. He first sprayed Bitcoin and other decentralized password currency is air, not money, and then Libra is not very reliable, it needs to be regulated like a bank. The final point is to blow the dollar, hey, his original words are […]

Comments | Lying Trump: What he is against is not a cryptocurrency at all.

On July 12th, US President Trump said on his Twitter: I am not a fan of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They are not money. Their value fluctuates greatly and comes out of thin air. Image source: Twitter screenshot Unregulated crypto assets can promote illegal behavior, including drug trafficking and other illegal activities. He also pointed […]

US President Trump: Bitcoin is not a currency, it is an "air coin"

US President Trump is known for his mantra "Nobody knows better than I do ." “Nobody knows more about taxes and income than I do!” “Nobody knows architecture better than I do.” “Nobody knows more about campaign funding than I do.” “Nobody knows technology better than me.” This time, cryptocurrency Trump was finally alarmed by […]