Articles of Trust

Blockchain and agency risk: we just need to trust the code

Author: NEST lovers – nine chapters Heaven   People who are new to blockchain often fall into a puzzle. What kind of economic language is used to describe the meaning of blockchain? Some people say it is cost, but they do n’t see which industry ’s cost has changed because of the blockchain. Some people […]

Viewpoint | Solving the Trust Problem of Charity Activities

Source: Securities Daily Reporter: Xing Meng With the continuous development and progress of society, the public's awareness of philanthropy is further strengthened, and the demand for philanthropic activities is increasing. However, in charitable activities, improving the trust mechanism is an urgent problem in the development of charity. Outside of moral constraints, can the issue of […]

The biggest public enemy of the "epidemic"-trust, to overcome its most effective weapon-blockchain

Text | Interchain Pulse · Black Pearl [Interlink Pulse] The "war epidemic" is a major event in China and the world. The war between humans and viruses without gunpowder may have begun since the birth of humans, but there are many tools in the human arsenal, including the blockchain. Mutual Chain Pulse explores the ability […]

Blockchain industry under epidemic situation: ideal is trust, reality is empowerment

Author: Joyce Source: Blockchain Outpost During the Spring Festival, the epidemic was raging, and the rising number of confirmed diagnoses put the whole country in a state of tension and affected all walks of life to varying degrees. Blockchain companies are also actively donating gifts to help areas with severe epidemics. But this epidemic also […]

6 million years of humankind, 6 million years of trust

Author: Hang Zhou child, block chain Yanxishe Contributing Writer, Cong era incubator CEO, Central Plains Ecological Union Block Chaining (CBEA) co-founder. This article is one of a series of articles about the underlying characteristics of the blockchain by the author. The purpose of this article is to explain the meaning of the word trust for […]

According to the report, Fidelity Digital Asset Services has applied for a trust license to the New York Financial Services Authority.

Translator: Play the coin family ElaineHu Fidelity Digital Asset Services (FDAS), a cryptographic business of Fidelity, has reportedly applied for a license to operate in New York State as a trust. The Block, the media in the field of encryption, quoted several people familiar with the matter on July 20th as saying that the FDAS […]

Libra is sad to trust and supervise

On July 16th, a child who just learned to walk got a pack of matches, Facebook burned the house again and again, and called each arson a learning experience.” On the 16th, the US Senate At the Banking Committee, Ohio State Democrat and senior senator Sherrod Brown said unceremoniously to David Marcus, head of Libra, […]

Blockchain and Trust: The Advantages of Decentralized Systems

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the way we use trust, even trust, which is a good thing, and although it's hard to measure, it's critical to all meaningful interactions in society. We tend to consider trust in business, banking, relationships, and finance because the need for trust in these areas is clear and undeniable. […]

Opinion | Trust: Trusted third parties, humanity and conflicts of interest

Since I was crazy about the drama "Fantastic Story" last weekend, I couldn't help but relive the excitement of riding a bicycle through the American suburbs. At that time, the whole town was like a playground. The residents in the town knew each other. We could walk the streets without any restrictions, but we still […]

What does trust come from? Smart contract or help the Mercedes-Benz female car owner to get rid of the rights

I believe that in recent days, everyone has paid more attention to a female car owner sitting on a Mercedes-Benz motor vehicle cover and crying about rights defending events, fermenting from the event. All the way down, Mercedes-Benz 4s shop big bully's shameless face can be described as a stunned, the female car owner bought […]