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"Crypto Turkey" in attack: Or will it open the door to the crypto market for 1.8 billion Islamists worldwide?

Source: Digital Chain Rating Editor's Note: Original title was "Crypto Turkey on Attack" Turkey spans Eurasia, is surrounded by sea on three sides, the depth of the Black Sea in the north, the civilization of the Mediterranean in the south, and the romance of the Aegean in the west. There are also magnificent monuments and […]

President of Turkey: The test of the central bank’s digital currency will be completed by 2020

According to Cointelegraph, Turkish President Erdogan has instructed the country to complete the test of the central bank's digital currency lira in 2020. According to documents released by the country’s official national publication, Resmi Gazete, the country’s blockchain-based digital lira plan was implemented by the central bank in 2020, and the first trial of the […]

The life-saving grass of cryptocurrency, the big country dream of Turkey

Text / Yi Bozhen Produced / Mars Media The Turkish government has finally announced its entry into the blockchain. On September 18th, the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology released the 2023 Strategy in Ankara. According to the document, Turkey will establish an open source blockchain platform to launch the central bank's “blockchain-based” digital currency […]

Turkey announces new strategy: building a nationwide blockchain infrastructure

According to Cointelegraph's September 19 report, the Turkish government announced plans to establish a nationwide blockchain infrastructure that will use distributed ledger technology (DLT) in public administration. (Source: pixabay ) On September 18th, the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkey released the "2023 Strategy" in Ankara, which documents its development vision. The 2023 Strategy […]