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US Treasury Secretary: Fed will not issue digital currency in five years, and does not oppose Facebook to create digital currency

Author: Xiu MU Source: Tweet According to Bloomberg, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said at a hearing of the House Financial Services Commissioner on Thursday that the Fed has no need to issue digital currencies within five years and does not oppose Facebook's creation of digital currencies. During the hearing, Mnuchin said that he had […]

Policy intensive, US digital currency regulation enters a new era

Summary The Congressional Digital Currency Hearing was held intensively after the release of Libra. On July 30th, the US Legislature Congress (hereinafter referred to as "the Congress") held a hearing to review the regulatory framework for digital currencies and blockchains. This is the third digital currency special hearing held by Congress in half a month. […]

More than 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs operated by LibertyX in the United States

   According to a statement released on Wednesday, LibertyX, the company that launched the first bitcoin ATM in the US, will expand its business to 90 retail outlets including Arizona and Nevada. Through this initiative, LibertyX now operates more than 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs throughout the United States. The latest additions include AMPM, ARCO and Chevron […]

US President Donald Trump said he "does not like" bitcoin

   Donald J. Trump said on Twitter on Thursday that he "does not like" cryptocurrencies, saying they are "not money," and when he made his first public comment on cryptocurrency since he became president of the United States It is their price fluctuation relative to the US dollar. Trump also criticized Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency project […]

US Treasury Secretary's 12 sharp statements: to combat any cryptocurrency that endangers national security

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin at the press conference on cryptocurrency on July 15th, for Facebook encryption scheme, national security, digital currency financial regulation, Venezuelan oil coin, G20 digital currency discussion, etc. The questions were answered sharply. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin compared the encryption issue to “national security issues” at a press conference on […]

US Treasury Secretary’s blockade of Bitcoin is imminent

After Donald Trump suddenly released a mysterious tweet about Bitcoin last week, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin unexpectedly held a press conference on Monday. He declared the end of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in a coding language. The FBI wants to stop crime and stabilize the market Steven Mnuchin said that the federal government wants to […]

US House of Representatives Discussion Draft: Prohibiting Technology Companies from Entering Financial Services and Digital Currency

After Facebook’s plan to launch the new digital currency Libra sparked widespread opposition, the scope of regulation began to expand. The bill proposes that if the above rules are violated, Big Technology will be fined $1 million a day. The problem is that such a proposal may lead to opposition from Republican lawmakers in the […]

Bitcoin callback or will it end? CFTC ushered in a new head, "encrypted old man" officially retired

Let's first pay attention to the market. Bitcoin's previous rebound began to fall after hitting $13,156.96. It has fallen for six consecutive days and fell below the $10,000 mark this morning, once falling to $9,850. The continued decline has already made the market sentiment very weak, but now the key support level of $9781.81 is […]

Does the US ban large technology companies from issuing coins? China "can't sit still"

Whether active or passive, traditional financial institutions and technology giants are entering the digital currency field. In particular, the emergence of Facebook Libra once again subverted people's imagination of the world's monetary and financial system, digital currency has become an inevitable development trend in the future, and this trend is getting worse. On the new […]

Bitcoin is a must for the 2020 US election.

Interestingly, Bitcoin prices have risen slightly after Trump's tweets, and it seems that investors believe that Trump's short-term focus on cryptocurrencies will translate into "positive energy" for bitcoin prices. Investment institutions & digital currency industry executives quickly attacked Executives from the financial community also believe that in the long run, Trump's tweets bode well for […]