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The stock market has experienced its biggest crash since 2009. Can Bitcoin be a safe haven?

On Monday, the S & P 500 index fell 7.6%. The decline in early trading was so great that trading was temporarily suspended earlier in the day. This is a rare phenomenon, the purpose of which is to prevent a stock market crash. At the same time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 2,000 points, […]

Babbitt Column | Why Coins Rise and Fall Together?

Both rising and falling are obvious characteristics of the currency circle. What is this? Stocks also often go up and down, especially A shares. The global economy sometimes goes up and down. However, the price direction of currency assets is very synchronized, much more synchronized than other assets. This year (2020), the new crown virus […]

U.S. stocks surge, bitcoin bearish: Cryptocurrency market bottleneck or difficult to break

On Wednesday, the three major US stock indexes closed sharply higher. The Dow rose over 1170 points, or 4.5%, the Nasdaq rose 3.85%, and the S & P 500 index rose 4.22%. United Health rose over 10%, leading the Dow. Apple rose over 4%. Chip stocks rose sharply, Micron Technology rose 6.8%, Nvidia and AMD […]

Say good hedging, have you persuaded Bitcoin?

Author | Qin Xiaofeng Produced | Odaily Planet Daily Stocks hit heavy losses, Bitcoin hasn't stepped out of the reverse Affected by the spread of the epidemic, global stock markets and oil prices fell sharply yesterday, experiencing a "Black Monday". During the day, the Asia-Pacific stock market was hit hard. The Korea Composite Index fell […]

Canaan Technology surged over 80% to close at $ 8.04

Source of this article: Scallion Blockchain , the original title "Jia Nan Technology rose more than 80%, but revenue performance may not meet expectations due to delayed delivery" On Wednesday, the stock price of the first stock of Mining Technology, a mining machine, soared over 80%. As of the end of the trading day, Jianan […]

"Blockchain First Share" Financial One Account Suddenly Dropped Over 20%

Source: Upstream News News on January 15th, Beijing time. On Tuesday, Eastern time, the three major U.S. stock indexes fell sharply and closed differently. China stocks generally fell. Among them, the stock price has continued to rise for the past month and has the first block chain. The so-called Financial OneAccount plunged 20.41% to $ […]

Observing that the US stock market fell sharply, gold rose, BTC fell below 10,000 US dollars, saying good hedge?

After failing to break the pressure of $12,300 for five consecutive days, BTC is still on the road to callback. In the early hours of the morning, BTC fell below the support level of $10,500 and then smashed at $10,200. However, at 7 o'clock in the morning, the BTC's decline continued, all the way down, […]