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U.S. lawmaker proposes new cryptocurrency bill: clear regulatory body to bring legitimacy to crypto assets

A U.S. congressman is doing the latest work to clarify which U.S. regulators are responsible for which digital assets. Source: Pixabay On March 9, Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) introduced the 2020 Cryptocurrency Act, which aims to orchestrate various digital assets in response to appropriate regulatory agencies. Proposed regulatory scheme As Gosar's legislative assistant Will Stechschulte […]

U.S. SEC proposes amendments to securities issue exemption rules involving token issuance

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has voted to propose a set of rule changes to streamline and refine the "patchwork" rules used to waive securities issuance. Source: Pixabay The proposed rule changes aim to improve the existing "complex and chaotic" framework and make it easier for companies to launch products that still […]

U.S. Department of Commerce requires companies involved in cross-border cryptocurrency transactions to report

Author: Xiu MU Source: Tweet The U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) proposes to change the mandatory questionnaire BE-180 that BEA issues every five years to require all U.S. financial services companies that have conducted cross-border cryptocurrency transactions in fiscal 2019 to report. According to the announcement issued by the Ministry […]

New Jersey introduces bill to regulate cryptocurrency at state level

The New Jersey State Assembly is currently considering reviewing a new bill requiring cryptocurrency companies to apply for appropriate operating permits. Congresswoman Ivan Lopez submitted the Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology Bill on February 20. This legislation will place new requirements on the virtual currency business and by requiring cryptocurrency companies to disclose their legally […]

China files 84 patents for central bank digital currency

Source of this article: Blockchain Pencil Author: OSATO AVAN-NOMAYO | compiled by: Maya China's meticulous promotion of CBDC issuance According to reports, the Central Bank of China has applied for 84 patents for its plan to launch a digital currency electronic payment DCEP system. The number comes from a survey by the American Digital Chamber […]

2020, Bitcoin has something to say to you

Source: Kelvin Story , with cuts In fact, this article should have been written for a long time, but I have been running around for years, but I haven't found time to write. On the other hand, all time is the right time, all places are the right places, and all people are the right […]

IRS: Cryptocurrency transactions do not report taxes or will pay a high price, tax evaders may face fines of up to $ 250,000

Text: Robert W. Wood Compile: L Source: Cointelegraph Chinese Editor's note: The original title was "Cryptocurrency Failure to Report Taxes May Pay Expensive and Even Criminal Penalties" The Internal Revenue Service has realized that millions of cryptocurrency transactions may still not be taxed. Taxpayers may feel that they will not be arrested, and many Coinbase […]

U.S. SEC makes crypto compliance a priority in 2020, but hints at a more modest approach

According to Cointelegraph reported on January 8, the SEC's Compliance Office includes fintech and digital assets on its annual priority list and will continue to review the crypto space. Image source: visualhunt According to an announcement issued by the SEC Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) on January 7, the agency has included new […]

IRS strengthens tax controls on crypto transactions, adds crypto transaction-related issues to tax forms

According to a Bitcoinist report on January 8, as the US 2020 Tax Day approaches, the IRS has taken a very direct action in focusing on crypto transactions, adding a check to its tax bill Box to understand how people are participating in virtual currency activities. Image source: pixabay IRS adds crypto transaction related issues […]

"2019 Blockchain Panoramic Scan": Global Policy

Senior Analyst: Li Xueting Production: Planet Daily Odaily The blockchain has gone through 2019 in enthusiasm and noise. This "young" technology, which is still a toddler, has been trotting towards the second "decade" by its own financial attributes and crazy speculators. It has also been restored to rational investors and the followers. Regulators continue to […]