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Global crisis, market crash, but crypto regulations move in adversity

Author: Kevin Helms Translation: Ziming Source: Crypto Valley In this article, we covered the development of digital currency regulation in a global crisis caused by a coronavirus outbreak, bank failures, interest rate cuts, and stock market crashes. This series of emergencies also made governments around the world, including the United States, South Korea, India and […]

What do those U.S. presidential candidates think about cryptocurrencies?

Original source: Decrypt   Compilation: Share Finance Neo Speaking of the US presidential election, if 2012 was dominated by Facebook and 2016 was dominated by Twitter, then 2020 is likely to be the year of the Bitcoin president. Blockchain voting may still have some way to go, but the 2020 US presidential candidate has begun […]

Cryptocurrency overwhelming, Trump releases fiscal 2021 budget to increase regulation

Author: Joyce Source: Blockchain Outpost Introduction: "At present, one in ten cryptocurrency owners is in the United States. By 2021, one in five American millennials will own cryptocurrencies; by 2025, the rapid rise of IoT devices will bring maximum security Risk; 70% of Americans will own cryptocurrency by 2030. " On Monday, U.S. President Donald […]

Facebook Hearing Record | Mark Zuckerberg is determined: for compliance, will not rule out the Libra Association

At 10 pm on October 23, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg attended a hearing from the US House Financial Services Committee to study the impact of Facebook's financial services sector. Zuckerberg’s testimony was made public before the hearing. Zuckerberg promised that Libra will not be released without the approval of US regulators. In addition, he also […]

Full-text translation + interpretation | New rules of the US Internal Revenue Service: income tax due to forked virtual currency

Following the publication of the virtual currency-related tax guidelines in 2014, the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced new tax guidelines on October 9, 2019, including the 2019-24 tax rules and FAQs. The taxation rules No. 2019-24 provides answers to the “tax treatment problems arising from the hard fork of virtual currency”. The FAQ is […]

Facebook hearing testimony exposure: Libra will not be launched rashly until regulatory concerns are removed

Abstract: Libra's goal is to develop a safe, low-cost way to effectively transfer funds around the world and become an alternative to the current financial system. Libra has no intention of competing with any sovereign currency or entering the field of monetary policy. According to foreign media reports, the US Senate Bank, Housing and Urban […]

"Naughty" Facebook, "fear" Congress, what is going to be about the upcoming hearing?

Facebook will testify before Congress on Tuesday, and the company's cryptocurrency project still faces some key issues before Marcus (the head of the Facebook blockchain division) travels to Washington. Facebook recently announced Libra plans with dozens of major partners such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Uber, eBay and Vodafone, which has plunged the cryptocurrency field into […]

Sudden! The US Congress drafts a plan to ban technology giants from releasing digital assets

On July 14th, before the upcoming Facebook Libra congressional hearing, a draft discussion entitled “Let Bigtech Stay Away from the Financial Act” surfaced. It is reported that the bill aims to prevent technology giants from becoming financial institutions. It also attempts to prohibit these companies from “establishing, maintaining or operating a digital asset that is […]

Trump secretly Powell: No one knows digital currency better than I do.

Two years ago, US President Trump announced Powell as the chairman of the Federal Reserve in the Rose Garden outside the White House and said that he chose Powell because "he is strong, very determined, very smart"; two years later, Trump accused Powell, gun The Fed seems to have become a commonplace thing. All of […]

Babbitt Column | Facebook Dimension to Fight Tencent Ali, the United States will seize digital hegemony?

Recently, friends of relevant departments asked me to talk about Facebook's issue of digital stable currency. This is a very serious matter, but there are too few people who really understand what is going on. I will talk in the vernacular. In the eyes of the Chinese, Alipay and WeChat are already giants, and they […]