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In the era of negative interest rates, the USDT status is not guaranteed?

Author: Hash school – Adeline 0 interest rate is coming, will "negative interest rate" still be far behind?   Under the US dollar liquidity crisis caused by the continuous meltdown of the US stock market and large fluctuations in the financial market, the Fed hit a "loose combination punch" on the afternoon of March 15th. […]

With the advent of negative interest rates, can the stablecoin maintain a 1: 1 anchor with the US dollar?

Author: YOGITA KHATRI Translation: Ziming Source: Crypto Valley The United States is ushering in an era of negative interest rates, but stablecoin issuers seem less worried. All top five stablecoin issuers have told The Block that they will remain anchored at 1: 1 USD. "Tether will continue to maintain 100% reserve support," said Stuart Hoegner, […]

ING economist: If the dollar does not go digital, it will fall out of favor

Source: CointelegraphChina Editor's note: The original title was "ING Economist Says If Dollar Doesn't Go Digital, It May Fall Out of Favor" When multiple countries and entities begin to weigh the effectiveness of central bank digital currencies, the dollar is actually still dominant-but how long will it last? "The U.S. dollar is the dominant currency […]

Digital gold, scarcity, and Bitcoin halving

Source: Coinbase blog Author: Mike Co Compilation: Share Finance Neo What gives value to money? Today, the value of the dollar is not directly related to the value of any other asset. However, not long ago, currencies were directly linked to gold, and this continued until 1971, when in the United States, an ounce of […]

Can the central bank digital currency replace the US dollar in the future?

Source: Crypto Valley Live Author: Patrick Tan Translation: Zoe Zhou As the People's Bank of China is expected to issue its own digital currency this year, central banks in various countries are also considering whether to follow suit. This raises a bigger question: Will the issuance of digital currency by the central bank replace the […]

IMF Chief Economist: National digital currency is fascinating, but it is impossible to replace the US dollar in the short term

Gita Gopinath, chief economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), said that the status of digital currencies has become increasingly prominent over the past few years, although this choice will not shrink the dollar from its status. Image source: Pixabay Gopinas said in an opinion article in the Financial Times in January: "Improvements in payment […]

The digital currency of global central banks has been divided into three types based on the hegemony of the US dollar

Not long ago, the United States "scheduled to clear" Iranian Suleimani. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on Muslim countries to issue digital currencies and reduce their reliance on the US dollar at an Islamic conference in Malaysia on December 19. Prior to this, Gaddafi and Saddam proposed plans to abandon the US dollar. After the […]