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Babbitt column | Cai Kailong: The ultimate 9 questions of stablecoin

Recently, stablecoins have become the focus of attention, on the one hand, because during the collapse of the currency price on March 12th, stablecoins generally exceeded the premium, especially the 8-10% premium of USDT off-exchange, and on the other hand, the rapid increase of USDT: There were 19 additional issuances within 18 days in March, […]

Crypto market battered in March, Tether becomes biggest winner

By Liang CHE This article comes from than push Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that during the outbreak of the New Crown epidemic, many asset values ​​were lost, but Tether became the biggest winner in the cryptocurrency field. The article cited research institution Messari as saying that the market value of Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency […]

USDT issues more than 10 billion in six days. In a bear market environment, stablecoins become the biggest winners

The avalanche of the crypto world has caused a lot of wealth to evaporate instantly, and the shortage of money in the currency circle is obvious. The surge in trading volume after the crash is calling for more stablecoins to enter the trading market. In this context, Tether "printed" as much as 1.575 billion USDT […]

Stablecoin: Paradox of the blockchain world, is the USDT-led coin a grenade that will burst at any time?

Author: CoinEx Aladdin Global Ambassador Editor's Note: The original title was "CoinEx Research Institute: The Paradox of the Blockchain World-" Stable Coin "" Since Bitcoin was used as an innovative payment network and a new currency issue, decentralization, immutability, openness and transparency have been passed down as the core spirit of the blockchain. Even the […]

Status of the stablecoin market in 2019: USDT "leads the trend", followed by DAI

Written in front: This article was written by Joel John, an analyst at Outlier Ventures, an investment company. In his article, he analyzed the trading situation of mainstream stablecoins in 2019 (as of November), and concluded that although USDT still occupies an important position, DAI is the only stable transaction volume that has grown in […]

Increase the number of docking exchanges and switch to new blockchains, USDT market share still leads

USDT is still the stablecoin of choice for most crypto traders. USDT is still widely used despite criticism that Tether is not fully backed by fiat currencies and banking issues with iFinex. (Source: Pixabay ) USDT market share leads More and more stablecoins are pouring into the market, but the market share of USDT remains […]

USDT Alchemy: Concealment, Additional Issues, and Manipulation

Text: 嚯 嚯 Source: Hive Finance There is not much information on how the Dutch Ludovicus Jan van der Wilde, the Italian Jancano Devassini and the New Yorker Philip Porter met, but from 2013 Bitcoin created an opportunity for them to work together. In May 2014, the "Wiley Robot Scandal" that emerged after Mt.Gox's bankruptcy […]