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Babbitt column | Payment or stored value? BTC's future value path

Author (TideChain) "This article has a total of 6600 words. The reading time is expected to be 20 minutes. If you don't have time to read it, please read it later and then slowly look at it." "In the long run, we are the creators of our own destiny. But if we look at it […]

"Bitcoin ten years" smashed the entire currency circle, it is time to re-recognize BTC!

Looking back 10 years ago, Bitcoin is still untouched, and now its fans have spread all over the world. This weekend, the " Bitcoin 10 Years Price Trend " dynamic page smashed the entire currency circle, especially thanks to the elaborate production of, and I accidentally brushed it a dozen times. After reading it, […]

Babbitt column | The core function of Bitcoin, is it stored value or paid?

I. Introduction Over the past few days, Babbitt’s article on the value storage and payment functions of Bitcoin has increased. Is the core function of Bitcoin stored or paid? This is a lot of questions that are discussed in the Bitcoin circle. The core function that supports Bitcoin is that people who value stored value […]

The lightning network is a bit cold, with an average daily trading volume of only 500? Maybe because everyone doesn’t want to spend BTC

The lightning network seems to be a bit cold recently. Some Twitter users speculate that the average number of daily transactions on the entire network of lightning network may be only more than 500, accounting for only 0.01% of the daily trading volume of Bitcoin. The expansion of the lightning network seems to be not […]