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Slump, dips, rebounds … what are the speculators discussing on Weibo?

Affected by the continued spread of the new crown epidemic, investors' expectations for economic development have deteriorated, risk aversion has been high, risk assets have been sold off, and risk aversion assets have not been spared. The U.S. stock market has been fused for four times in the past eight trading days. The international oil […]

Comment: When Ding Crab meets PlusToken, is it possible to invest in metaphysics?

In 1992, Hong Kong TVB broadcasted a TV series starring Zheng Shaoqiu, "The Great Era", and the villain character "Ding Crab" made huge profits by shorting the Hang Seng Index Futures to the stock market when the stock price plummeted. Since then, as long as there are TV dramas, movies, and even variety shows starring […]

Bitcoin has been falling, and investment has taught you how to cross the bulls

On November 23rd, the 5th Anniversary of Bitcoin Hardcore Fan Dinner was held in Beijing. The second round table of the conference, FBG founder Zhou Shuoji, Primitive Ventures founding partner Dovey Wan, BlockVC founding partner Xu Yingkai, and the currency circle V nightcat around the theme of "Bearing the Bulls", a wonderful discussion . FBG […]

Babbitt's first digital asset security incident report

Numbers say | Mainstream VS platform currency, which one should you participate in?

Since the beginning of this year, the digital currency market has bottomed out. Whether it is mainstream currency or altcoin, there are different degrees of increase. I think there are two types worthy of participation. One is mainstream currency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, and Litecoin. The top ten currencies, the other three are the three […]

In this era, I am not afraid to miss it, I am afraid of falling out of the pit.

1) Is there still a chance? The company just walked two interns, small C and small D, are all 95 after the water. This lady's high-end cosmetics can't draw the appeal of young souls to the world. Clearly possessing the most precious things in the world, Xiao C always sighs and sighs: "Awkward is wrong, […]