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Bloomberg proposes cryptocurrency regulatory framework, central bank issues "financial distributed ledger specifications"

Author: Song Jiaji, Renhe Yi Summary event: U.S. Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg proposes in the latest financial regulatory plan to create a clear regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. According to coindesk, he asked financial institutions to monitor risk exposure, record all financial transactions in a centralized database, and strengthen the consumer financial protection bureau's working ability. […]

Data: Bitcoin investment traffic is expected to exceed Visa after next halving

Source: Cointelegraph Chinese Author: William Suberg Compile: Zweig Bitcoin ( BTC ) has contributed 1% of global GDP, and this proportion has grown "exponentially" with each halving cycle. Statistician Willy Woo analyzed data from Coin Metrics, a cryptocurrency monitoring resource. According to him, Bitcoin's investment flows are $ 727 billion per year. BTC processes $ […]

Visa develops a blockchain-based joint computing system for processing large-scale private data

According to Cointelegraph on November 19th, the international payment network Visa is developing a blockchain-based system for joint policy-compatible computing of large-scale private data. (Source: flickr ) Visa's R&D department, Visa Research, specializes in data analysis, security and payment innovation. The department recently published a paper describing LucidiTEE, a policy-compatible computing system based on blockchain, […]

How does ETH rise to $1,000? On Ethereum becoming a legal currency payment platform

As the stable currency based on Ethereum has grown, Ethereum is increasingly becoming a legal currency payment platform. Most of Tether's $4 billion USDT has been transferred from the Omni agreement to Ethereum. In addition, several of the largest stable currencies are based on ERC-20, including PAX, USDC, etc. It also includes Dai, which is […]

Visa CEO says it is not a formal partner of Facebook Libra

Alfred Kelly, CEO and chairman of the global payment giant Visa, said that Visa is not the official partner of Libra, the encryption project announced by Facebook last month. According to, Deutsche Bank Securities analyst Bryan Keane asked Kelly about Libra-related issues at the 2019 third-quarter earnings conference call on Tuesday. He asked, “Is […]

Institutional encryption hosting company Anchorage completed $4,000 B round of financing, led by Visa, Blockchain Capital and A16Z

According to Coindesk's July 10 report, Anchorage, a company that specializes in providing cryptocurrency services to institutional investors, has just raised $40 million in Series B financing. Image source: visualhunt In a statement on Wednesday, the company said that the current round of financing was led by Blockchain Capital, and Visa and venture capital firm […]

Visa responds to Ripple, SWIFT lays the gun

Following IBM World Wire, JP Morgan Chase's JPM currency entered the field of cross-border payments, Visa also announced that it will not clear and transfer through the agency. This will bring new shocks to Ripple, who has been focusing on cross-border payments. On June 11, the US commercial version of Visa B2B Connect was officially […]

Ripple: I am tired, Facebook wants to destroy me, and Visa wants to embezzle me.

Visa has launched a blockchain-based inter-bank financial inter-bank payment platform that has officially “invaded” the increasingly crowded market that Ripple is trying to exploit for itself. Visa's blockchain-based B2B Connect platform Payment processing giant Visa has launched a B2B platform to increase the efficiency of cross-border transactions for smaller financial institutions. Traditionally, smaller organizations have […]

Payment giant Visa launches global cross-border payment network based on blockchain

According to Cointelegraph's June 12 report, US payment giant Visa recently launched a cross-border payment network based on blockchain technology. (Source: picserver ) Known as “Visa B2B Connect,” the payment network facilitates international payments to financial institutions around the world by supporting direct transactions between banks. The Visa B2B Connect payment network is based in […]

Facebook encryption project Libra surfaced, Visa and MasterCard "take in"

Facebook is recruiting dozens of financial companies and online merchants to help its massive social network launch a cryptocurrency-based payment system. If successful, Facebook may overturn the traditional, lucrative e-commerce channel and may become the most mainstream cryptocurrency application. In fact, Facebook has been under great pressure during this time because regulators, users and shareholders […]