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God V: central bank digital currencies can interact with cryptocurrencies

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has proposed a method for trading central bank digital currencies using cryptocurrencies. Buterin raised a question on Twitter, is it possible for the central bank's digital currency transactions to be proved by crypto? In other words, is it possible to use mathematical methods to prove the completed transaction of the central […]

Interview with Vitalik: The community is far more important than the code

Interviewed: Vitalik Buterin Interview & Writing: Li Hua, Retric @ 橙皮 书 This year marks the 21st anniversary of the establishment of the Apache Software Foundation. As a representative of the Internet open source community, Apache projects support more than half of the Internet, and Apache Hadoop projects have almost formed the entire big data […]

Vitalik Buterin: Trusted neutrality is at the core of a system

This article was published by Vitalik Buterin in NAKAMMOTO on January 3, 2020. The translation was provided by First.Vip. For the convenience of the reader, the translation has been deleted. Foreword: In this article, Vitalik emphasizes the importance of trusted neutrality and sums up several characteristics of trusted neutrality mechanisms. Because crypto networks are essentially […]

AI analyzes 17-bit encrypted Big V personality: Vitalik is the most intelligent, and BM has strong self-confidence

Researchers recently used the IBM Watson artificial intelligence platform to analyze the personality characteristics of 17 big crypto Vs, including Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, EOS founder BM, and Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong. The study found that intelligence, liberalism, and caution are their most representative personality traits. Among them, Vitalik, Brian Armstrong and Ripple CEO Bradley […]

Ling listening | "V God" is not God: Vitalik Hangzhou line 48 hours close-up observation

This may be the tenth time Vitalik has come to China. This trip, his schedule was arranged to be full. After finishing the speech at the Shanghai Wanxiang Summit, he rushed to Hangzhou and Shenzhen to promote Ethereum 2.0. This time he chose the venues for colleges and universities because "they are the next generation […]

V Shen Shenzhen 飙 Chinese: It is difficult to establish the advantage of the alliance chain. The current public chain is not enough to support high-frequency application development.

"I didn't expect V God's Chinese to be so good." On September 23, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin attended the “East-European Blockchain Eco-New Development” forum held at Shenzhen University. At the round table of the forum, Vitalik picked up the Chinese language and pointed to the issue of the alliance chain. Vitalik Buterin believes that at […]

Vitalik: Eth2 will increasingly rely on light clients

Editor's Note : On July 28th, Dean Eigenmann asked Twitter on why Twitter used the “execution environment program” to really solve the “state of growth” problem, which sparked a heated debate. The so-called "state growth" problem means that as the user scale continues to expand and the number of contracts increases, the state data that […]

V God tells Serenity design principles to show you the uniqueness behind this magnificent project!

The design principle of the Eth1.0 chain is as follows: Serenity design principles ▲ Simplicity : Especially since the encryption economy PoS and quadratic sharding are inherently complex, the protocol should pursue the utmost simplicity in its decision making . This is very important because it will: (i) minimize development costs, (ii) reduce the […]

Dialogue Vitalik: Most people are stuck in the system, and I live outside the system

“Decentralization is not just an ideal, but a practical strategy with a high success rate.” If your impression of the blockchain is still stuck in the speculative currency, Vitalik Buterin, born in 1994, is a clear stream in the blockchain world. This Russian-born Canadian has a huge brain and a skinny body. He speaks very […]

Viewpoint | Vitalik: On Conspiracy, Part-1: Chaebol, Identity and Conspiracy

Special thanks to Glen Weyl, Phil Daian, and Jinglan Wang for reviewing this article. In recent years, more and more people have begun to pay attention to how to regulate the behavior of participants in different scenarios through economic incentives and mechanism design. In the blockchain domain, the primary purpose of the mechanism design is […]